News: G-Unit Foe Grants Rick Ross "Hood" Pass, "We Run Queens" [Video]

Sunday, Apr 12, 2009 4:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Bang Em Smurf associate Domination has come to the aid of Rick Ross to refute claims that the Miami based rapper is not allowed to enter Queens, New York.

Speaking from 50 Cent's alleged hang-out spot before becoming famous, Dom and his entourage cleared the air on their stance with the Miami rapper.

"Theres' a lot of rumors on the Internet that I'm not supporting my boys," Domination said in the video. "I support whatever move my n*gga do. Whatever movement my n*gga f*cking with is what I'm f*cking with, you hear me? If it's Maybach Music, then that's what it is, n*gga. We run Queens. If we want somebody to come through here, they gonna come through here. That's how we feel about n*ggas talking 'Oh n*ggas can't come through' type sh*t. N*ggas can come through here...I never turned my back on [Smurf], I'm here, Domination." (World Star Hip Hop)

G-Unit associate Mazaradi Fox recently spoke on not allowing Ross into the New York borough.

"I'm on Rick Ross' a**," Fox said in an interview. "Talking about he coming to Queens, you can't come to Queens. I am Queens fat motherf*cker. We have nothing in common. I did eight years, you a cop. You watched n*ggas like me for eight years. He ain't come to no Queens like that. He came to New York, he ain't come to no f*cking Queens, you kidding me? N*gga did try to do some sh*t in Queens, got f*cking violated. Outside of that, I don't appreciate n*ggas knowing he came to New York with his shirt off when the Biggie Smalls sh*t was going on. I don't appreciate that sh*t at all. That's not gangsta. Came out here woulda broke his f*cking a**hole, whooped the sh*t outta him." (Potent TV)

Smurf, a former supporter of G-Unit, has sided with Ross in his beef against Fif.

"50, what up, it's your boy Bang Em, man, Ross, you're having too much fun," Smurf says in the intro. "You're finished, yeah, what's up 50....You thought I was down and out, right? But I linked up with Rick Ross...So we all gonna get together and have a little fun with you, you bum a** n*gga...You know I got a lil' sh*t on you...And [Tony] Yayo bum a** man...You used to sleep on my couch, dirty Marvin...You used to wear my boxers and sh*t...And [Lloyd] Banks, you never had a fist fight...Y'all n*ggas are finished." (SOHH)

Ross has released a hard-hitting diss record towards 50 called "Mafia Music" remix featuring G-Unit foes The Game, Fat Joe and Ja Rule.

"Guess who's bizzack," Rule raps on the song. "I spit murder, the music is mafia...One cold afternoon you get shot at your home/Now 'I Smell P*ssy'/P*ssy got lips, but it don't talk to me/That's why you my b*tch/And you on my d*ck/Aha 'cause I f*cked you up once, I f*cked you up twice and you still talking sh*t/What must I do, to get through to you/ Curly, get off my d*ck...Read in-between the lines when you hear me talk/Get on get outta line, this is Rule York." (YouTube)

Check out Domination speaking on Ross below:

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