News: Eminem Co-Signs Asher Roth, "He's Dope"

Friday, Apr 24, 2009 9:51AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

After constant comparisons to newcomer Asher Roth, Eminem has offered his thoughts on the rapper by co-signing his music as "dope."

While admitting he would still need to hear more of Asher's music to give a distinct opinion, Em felt the two did not share the same sound.

"Asher Roth, I haven't had a chance to, like, really get into everything, like, really get into what he's about, because I've only heard a couple songs," Em said in the new issue of XXL Magazine. "There was talk about people saying he sounded like me, and he was doing this and that and, you know, trying to take what I do and do it. You know, sh*t like that. I've heard things. But the stuff that I've heard from him honestly, which certainly isn't enough for me to make my own opinion and say, 'Yeah, he does sound like me' or 'No, he doesn't.' But the couple of songs I've head, I don't really think he does. You know what I mean? He's doing his own thing. I can respect it, too, because at the end of the day, I think he's dope." (XXL Magazine)

Roth recently discussed his comparison to the Detroit-bred emcee in interviews and on his album's song "As I Em."

"It's a bummer that that's the song everyone's going to be talking about," Ash said in an interview. "But I was never going to be able to ignore it. I can't comment on someone I've never met in my life, but in every interview I get asked about him. It came to a point where my album was done, but it felt like something was missing...I was with my boy, hanging out in the Honda Civic, and I'm going through the CD cases and that one was right next to an Eminem CD. There's stuff like that that goes down in life, and you know it has to happen. So the song is the story of my relationship with Em." (Wall Street Journal)

Ash previously spoke with theDougie about his duty in hip-hop.

"I understand what I have to do," he explained. "And I understand the powers that I have right now, so I'm trying to use my powers for some good. Make something happen, you know? We're just rockin', it's kinda like a garage band you know?" (theDougie)

Released last Tuesday (April 21), the rapper's Asleep in the Bread Aisle features a variety of guest appearances.

Led by the single "I Love College," the album features Cee-Lo, Keri Hilson, Chester French, New Kingdom, Busta Rhymes, Jazze Paha, Miguel, R. City and Beanie Sigel. (Vibe)

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