Columns: Ciara Ain't No Beyonce Swagger-Jacker, Whitney Rescues Bobby From Kidnappers, And Solange Is Shown The Door

Friday, Apr 10, 2009 10:05AM

Written by Soul Rebel

Hot off the press this week, Ciara responds to Beyonce swagger-jacking charges, Chris Brown pleads not guilty, Whitney Houston paid Bobby Brown's kidnappers and Solange got dropped too!

Papa Don't Preach

The media was all over Chris Brown's arraignment this week, and the only person who seemed to be surprised when at his plea of "Not Guilty" on felony counts of assault and making criminal threats was Rihanna's pops, Ronald Fenty who hit up US Weekly in an absolute outrage.

"So what happened? Somebody else did this to Rihanna then? I just would like to see justice go in the right direction. I don't want his career to be damaged -- it's damaged already. I think he's a talented guy, but everybody should have to pay. When you do the crime, you do the time. I don't want to see him locked up for a long time -- I just want him to acknowledge and get some help.
He went on:

"Who did it -- that's the question now. If he's not guilty, who did it? He should say 'guilty' and let the court be leaning into him and try himself to the mercy of the court, see if he gets a fine...Now he's going to go beyond that and it could go longer, it can be even worse. It can be worse for him in the long run."
Rebel Talking... Might wanna stop talking to the paps Pops cuz it looks like Riri has made up her mind she's keeping her "baby".

99 Problems But...

Weeks after accusations of Ciara swagger-jacking Beyonce's steez for her "Love Sex Magic" video hit the internet, Honey Magazine went straight to the source to address the topic and Cici responded that the hate is nothing but straight comedy to her:

I don't think there's really anything to address. I think it's very, very funny. And you know what my response is to that? For the ones that have something negative to say? They must have really enjoyed it that much to go and nitpick it, because it's something they pulled up and was like, "Yo!"
Ciara denied taking the references from Beyonce but admitted that, like Bey, she's a fan of designer Thierry Mugler.

There were a couple of things in there that I've never seen. I think that it's important for us as artists to be original and to create something new, so it would be really silly of me to go and create something you've already seen. So not one time were any of my references another artist. My references were clearly inspired from shows that I've actually seen. It goes to show how creative we can be and how close the worlds are. I did my first video with my metal outfit. I was inspired by Thierry Mugler. Now, from my understanding, Beyonce is using Thierry Mugler for her tour. It just is what it is. It's very petty to me. When people nitpick something and they say negative things, my response to that is they really must have liked it that much. They just said, "This just can't be! We gotta find something!" That's also the definition of a person having too much time on their hands to do nothing. That's how I look at that.
Rebel Talking ... Ciara and Beyonce stans are turning into them into the Nas and Jay-Z of R&B. Guess you can't just takeover Ciara's goodies ("Like A Boy" anybody?) without a little video ether. Before this turns super ugly they should squash all the swagger jacking mess with a soul remix of "Success".

Every Little Step

Whitney and Bobby have been donezo for a minute now (largely cuz "Every Little Step" didn't apply to a certain 12 steps) but back when their marriage was strong, Whitney was so ride or die she ransomed Bobby when he was kidnapped over a drug debt!

According to an autobiography by former gang member David Collins Bobby was snatched over a $25,000 debt to a drug dealer, and bound and gagged at gunpoint by members of a New York street gang known as the Preacher Crew. This all went down in 1993 when Whitney was at the top of her game. So everyone in their circle had to keep it quiet and never involved the cops or filed a report.

Whitney allegedly paid out $400,000 in ransom money to get him back. Collins said Whitney brought the ransom money to the kidnappers herself-wearing a wig.

Rebel Talking ... Now she needs to make that comeback so she can do the same for Ray J when he hits rock bottom next.


Looks like Kelly Rowland isn't the only singer getting dropped these days. Turns out that despite selling 138,000 copies of 'Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams' Geffen/Interscope won't be keeping Solange around any longer. According to AOL BlackVoices

"Geffen did a one-off deal with Music World Entertainment for Solange and wasn't interested in doing a new contract with her. People at the label really liked working with her because other than her infamous news outburst in Las Vegas, she was a constant professional. There were challenges dealing with her camp, but Solange was great to work with. In the end, the CD didn't sell despite Solange's countless high profile appearances," the record label source said.
Of course Papa Knowles is already hard at work finding a new label home for Solange, and has been taking meetings with Epic Records, who interestingly enough, initially approached Rowland about a new recording contract upon learning that she would be dissolving her management and recording relationship with Music World Entertainment/Columbia. Sources say Epic's new president Amanda Ghost, a London-bred former artist and songwriter, recognized Rowland's impact as an international recording artist and believed she could duplicate her European success stateside.

"Amanda was really into signing Kelly and then Matthew started meeting with her about Solange. I'm told he used his influence in the Sony system with Beyonce to complicate the existing offer to Kelly and then the deal ultimately didn't happen," the source explained.
Ghost was spotted at this year's South By Southwest Music Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas where she was apparently scouting Solange.

Rebel Talking ... Damn, can Kelly live! Talk about "Backstabbers"! They smile in your face when all the time they wanna take your place for reals.

But while you were checking out Keyshia's goods on the last cover of KING we were wondering if Kanye's "Ego" is big as Hov's and how long before Ciara and 50 make it official.

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