News: SOHH Exclusive: T.I.'s "Bone Deep" Breaks W/ Title, "There Were Mixed Emotions"

Tuesday, Mar 3, 2009 11:38AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne and Danica Dow

T.I. recently spoke with SOHH about his new movie, Bone Deep, its title change, and the rumors about his controversial co-star Chris Brown being dropped from the promotional campaign. 

As the producer and star of the film, Tip revealed the reason behind the recent his movie's title change.

"It's called Takers now," Tip told SOHH. "Well, you know there were mixed emotions about the title, Bone Deep. There were mixed reviews." (SOHH

The decision to change the film's name reportedly came as a result of the original title's connotations.

The title itself, Bone Deep, has come under fire for it's sexual and pornographic connotations and will now officially change the name to Takers...not to be confused with the current hit action movie Taken. (Wooha)

Recent rumors said that Chris Brown would be excluded from the film's promo campaign.

Sony Screen Gems will "erase" Brown's performance from the promotion of the upcoming film Bone Deep. Also starring T.I., Brown was to be the centerpiece of the film's promotion in the urban market, appearing in commercials and movie posters. Instead, following Brown's alleged assault of girlfriend Rihanna, producers will focus marketing around T.I., who may still be in prison when the film is released in January 2010. Brown's role in the film itself will not be reduced. (Rolling Stone)

For his part, Tip told SOHH that he did not sign off on any such decisions to exclude Brown from any aspects of the promotional campaign.

"I can't confirm [Brown being dropped.] As the producer of the film I haven't been approached or confronted with that as being a possibility. I won't speak to that fact because I don't know it to be true." (SOHH)

The upcoming movie project will feature a star-studded cast.

The Screen Gems film, now called Takers, is a crime thriller being produced by Will Packer and starring Chris Brown, T.I., Idris Elba, Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Michael Ealy, Hayden Christensen, Zoe Saldana and Jay Hernandez. (Black Voices)

The crime thriller will base its action around a large sum of money.

Takers is about a group of criminals who find their $20 million plan interrupted by a hard-boiled detective (Dillon). Walker stars as the leader of the bank robbers; Christensen is a newbie detective. Written by Peter Allen and Gabriel Casseus, the film will be directed by John Luessenhop and arrive at theaters January 8, 2010. (IMDb)

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