Pulse Report: Cam'ron Turns Down Jim Jones' Offer To Reunite, Kanye West Outsmarts The Competition, Jay-Z's Newest Artist Rocs The Mic

Friday, Mar 27, 2009 12:00AM

Written by Archie Fucque

In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about Cam'ron killing all hope for a Dipset reunion, Kanye West proving why he's smarter than you're average rapper, Jay-Z's first Roc Nation artist showing us what he's got, Bun B schooling the new school rappers, and Lil' Kim fires a back at Voletta Wallace--again.

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1. Frenemies 4 Life?

After Jim Jones went through all the trouble of fessing up to actually having a phone conversation with Cam'ron and offering to let bygones be bygones and get back to the business of making Dipset music, it was all for naught. Apparently Cam'ron saw the interview Jimmy did with DJ Funkmaster Flex and is not even interested in meeting Jim half way.[Watch Here]

"Look, I hear the DJs, I hear the fans, I hear everybody. I'm not doing a Diplomats album. I'm not rhyming with Jim or Juelz or nothing. I wish them all the best of luck. Accept it people. The people don't wanna seem to accept it. I don't have time to do that, it's not happening, I'm not doing it. That's why I called you [NowWutTV] here, cuz I know you'll get it across the world. And hopefully the people will get it in their head. Cam is doing Cam. I'm not doing no Diplomat Immunity 3 album. I hope they'll do it and I wish them luck. Stop dreaming. Stop hoping. Stop wishing. Stop imagining. I'm not doing it. Official. What's today's date? Thursday, March 26th, 2009: Cameron Giles, aka Spacely Sprockets aka Jaffe Joe aka Killa Cam aka KFC, whatever you wanna call me, I am not doing no Diplomat 3 album. That's it."

This is deeper than rap. Not clear on what went wrong here, but after this I'll stop dreaming. Stop hoping. Stop wishing. Stop imagining. It ain't happening for now. We all know when the dough gets low, Cameron Giles, aka Spacely Sprockets aka Jaffe Joe aka Killa Cam aka KFC, whatever you wanna call him, will be doing a Diplomat 3, 4 & 5 album.

2. Smarten Up

We all know Kanye West is a different kind of dude. Just peep him on the latest cover of Complex magazine to see how far he'll go to display his creative individuality. We also know that his eccentricity usually calls into question his sexuality. Now, thanks to his interview with Complex we know why he never really responds to the many rappers who directly (Jim Jones, 50 Cent) and indirectly (fill in name here) that take shots at him.

I feel like if a rapper disses me, they're just trying to get a rise out of me and get me to play in their field to find some way that they can beat me. I feel like there's a lot of rappers that can beat me in ignorance. So why would I play a sport that I'm not particularly trying to get better at or beaten in? There's a lot of rappers that can beat me in ignorance, but there's only a few that can play with true intellect. [Long pause.] How f*cking perfect is that f*cking answer?!

What a great answer! It actually got me to thinking about the top 5 rappers that can't be out ignoranted.

1. Jim Jones - Na Na Nana Na Na to everyone that finished behind him on this list.

2. Gucci Mane - Yeah, he might be the hottest rapper in Atlanta right now, but is he smarter than a 5th grader?

3. Webbie - Only one that lives a true "savage life" could make a hit record that advocates strong-arming the ladies for sex.

4. Baby - See: Verse three of "Over Here Hustlin'"

5. Tony Yayo - The inspiration for Pimpin' Curly had to come from somewhere.

3. New Kid On The Roc

So what do you do with a $150 million dollar check from Live Nation? If you're Jay-Z you start a label, Roc Nation, and you sign some light-skinned Chris Brown look-a-like cat from Fayetteville, North Carolina as your inaugural artist. Ladies and gentlemen meet J. Cole. The baby-faced, 3.82 GPA sporting rhymesayer doesn't look the part of your average rapper, but he got his chance to prove he's the real deal on DJ Green Lantern's OnDaSpot radio show. It was his first interview ever for J. Cole. [Watch Here]

What's the verdict? I know it's not the fairest setting to judge dude, but let's hear your two cents anyway. I think image-wise dude is perfect for Jay to sell to the mainstream market. I sense he sees a little of himself in young dude. You know, the quiet assassin, demeanor of them college cats. Let's see where this goes.

4. Words of Wisdom

When Bun B speaks, everyone should listen. The UGK veteran has done songs with damn near everyone. From gangster rappers like Young Jeezy to hipster favorites like Lupe Fiasco. Legends like Jay-Z to overnight sensations like Mike Jones. Who? Mike Jones. Who? Mike Jones. Remember when that was cool? He's respected and loved by all. Anyway, the good folks over at MTV news caught up with Bun to see if he could offer any advice to the "next big thing" wave of rappers, Kid Cudi, Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton, and B.O.B. As always, Bun was gracious and sincere in telling the youngster to stay humble while warning them of the pitfalls of the game.

"The reality is, these magazines and media outlets have to sit back and designate something and bring people's attention towards something, so being labeled 'the next big thing' or winning best new artist, you know, you've gotta be careful. Because once you take somebody who's probably humble within themselves and be like, 'You know what, you're the next big thing,' sometimes that alters their perception of themselves, their perception of the direction they need to go down, or even hinder their path. Or sometimes it propels it. This whole game is a Catch-22, man."

Bun B > Ice-T. This is why Bun is probably the most respected rapper out there. Instead of hating on the youngsters, Bun is kicking the truth to the young black youth--the white one too.

So I ask, which of the upstart rappers will be the biggest star when it's all said and done?

A. Charles Hamilton

B. Kid Cudi

C. B.O.B

D. Asher Roth

E. None Of The Above

5. B.I.G Deal

The people closest to the late Notorious B.I.G are still fighting over him 12 years after his death. Yes, the back and forth between Lil' Kim (Big's artist/girlfriend/mistress/), Voletta Wallace (Big's mother) and Lil' Cease (Big's little sidekick) continues. This time Lil' Kim went on Big Boy's "Da Neighborhood" and aired out her grievances with her portrayal in the "Notorious" movie and her feelings on Ms. Wallace, who has been quite outspoken on her views of Kim. [Watch Here]

"She's a very sick lady. I pray for her daily."

Meanwhile Cease is now saying he wants to mend fences with Kim. Something she vows she would never do. [Watch Here]

It's truly sad that Big's death is causing this much drama within the people he loved. However, I must ask is this... Is this a big deal or, eh, big deal get over it?

That's all from me folks. Hit me up at [email protected] for a healthy back and forth. Are you upset over Dipset? Who's the next big thing in rap?

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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