Pulse Report: Jim Jones Addresses Frienemy Cam'ron, Rick Ross Offers To Work With 50 Cent, Lil' Wayne Cosigns Soulja Boy

Thursday, Mar 19, 2009 12:00AM

Written by Archie Fucque

In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about, Jim Jones continuing the subliminal feud with Cam'ron, Rick Ross offering to help 50 Cent on next project, Lil' Wayne teaming up with Soulja Boy, Memphis Bleek defending Jay-Z from haters, and Alfamega calling for an end to Internet gangsterism.

[Editor Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. Read Between The Lines

Here's the inconvenient truth, Jim Jones and Cam'ron don't like each other right now. The proof is in the fact that the two rappers continue to wage a subliminal war of words with one another. A few weeks ago Cam messed up by saying he spoke to Jimmy on the phone. Jimmy said it never happened and pretty much wouldn't speak Cam's name in a few interviews. Cam's response was to authorize a Jim Jones gag order on himself. He would no longer mention Jim's name in interviews or his existence. Now Jim continued the subliminal chess game in an interview with radio personality Jenny Boom Boom. When asked about Cam not mentioning his name in interviews, Jim had this to say. [Watch Here]

"People try to deny the devil, but you can't do that can you. What am I to do man? I'm here if you want to make a couple dollars we gon' make some money. Besides the frivolous shit I don't know what people's publicity ploys are. At this point it feels good to see somebody is using my claim of fame as theirs as oppose to me using theirs as mines."

Ouch. What that subtle diss meant, is Jim is glad Cam is Jocking Jimmy, instead of Jimmy being Cam's less than famous crony. In other words, Na Na Nanna Na Na! Honesty, I'm hoping these two can get past this and we get a Dipset reunion album before its too late.

2. A Helping Hand

MTV news reported that 50 Cent plans to drop not one, but two albums this year. And you will never guess who wants to help him with future projects. Rick Ross. For the sake of hip-hop the Miami boss is willing to put present hatred aside to assure 50 doesn't mess up anymore Dr. Dre beats. Ross spoke to Devi Dev of Hard Knock TV and he said he's willing to write Curtis's rhymes for the right price. Not sure how serious of an offer this was, but you be the judge. [Watch Here]

"Do us the biggest favor, stop fucking those Dr. Dre beats. Dre you the best, I love you send them to me. If not, pay me to write his raps."

While he's getting slaughtered on all other fronts, here's where Officer Ross wins. For all 50's comedy skits, cartoon bits, and porno flicks Ross is the one actually putting out quality music in this beef. Last week I heard it from some of you for saying Ross was putting out hotter music than 50. The best most of you G-Unit stans could come up with in 50's defense was a #1 record he had in 2007. Sorry. Face the facts, when it comes to musical relevance right now Ross > 50 Cent.

3. Who You With?

They say in life it's not what you know, but who you know. Here's two examples of what a cosign can do for you. According to MTV news Lil' Wayne lent his vocals to the official remix of Soulja Boys smash "Turn On My Swag." It's a definite good look for Soulja Boy's street cred to have Weezy F. Baby bless the track. Meanwhile O.G. and Soulja Boy hater Ice-T choose to give his blessing to Jadakiss. In an interview with The Best Of Both Offices the veteran rapper/actor vouched for Kiss' lyrical prowess calling him the "best lyricist living". [Watch Here]

Here's the thing with these two cosigns. They're both predictable, yes, but while Jada gets the symbolic pat on the back from Ice-T, Soulja Boy's backing from Wayne will actually turn into sales. And he totally understands that.

"The 'Turn My Swag On' official remix is gonna take me to that next level in my career."

What that means for all you haters is this:

"My second album, it didn't sell as much as I expected, first-week-wise. Right now, it's going up, as 'Kiss Me Through the Phone' broke into #4 on the Billboard Hot 100. 'Turn My Swag On' just broke into the charts. Now my album is picking up and starting to sell like I wanted to."

Ugh. I know that just made a whole lot of you basement rappers sick. All that hard work you putting in, in your momma's basement can't seem to pay off, but this little turd is selling records like crazy. Sucks don't it? Now you know how Ice-T felt. Go ahead say it, F*ck Soulja Boy!"

4. Real Talk

These days it's rare to encounter a rapper who's willing to display his bromance with another rapper. Kudos to Memphis Bleek for being that dude. The BK rapper and longtime Jay-Z protégé spoke to hiphopbeef.com about the gift and the curse of being close friends with Jay, the Roc-A-Fella breakup, Dame Dash, and more. It's clear that Bleek hearts Jay and he kind of misses his associates from the Roc. [Watch here]

On the subject of being Hov's sidekick:

"I feel like that's the curse against me. Niggas think I don't have to put the grind down cause Hov back there just funding everything. Crazy. I still gotta walk the dog, still got hit the street.

His relationship with former Roc artists:

"I'm not going to sit here and try to sh*t on niggas. They was my n*ggas. I don't discredit n*ggas we was all cool."

He admits that his relationship with Dame Dash was "weird".

"It was weird, but Dame always been cool. I could never sh*t on Dame or take nothing away from him. Like he was a good dude, but you know how they say with money it changes a lot of things."

On that note he also gave his input on the current situation between Jim Jones and Cam'ron:

"Let me keep it 100. Nobody saw that coming. They from the "Horse & Carriage" era.... that's like me and Hov. You don't see that coming, but like I said money changes everything."

In this day and age when rap beef is the only way some artist can sell their product, it's refreshing to see a guy who doesn't jump at the opportunity to do so. He had every opportunity to be like "f*ck Dame, f*ck Beanie Segel" but he didn't. Instead he came off like he genuinely missing his crew. Props to Bleek for REALLY keeping it 100.

5. Stop The Violence

Now that T.I. and Shawty Lo have buried the hatchet it only makes sense that a rapper who was in the thick of that rivalry is feeling repentant. Grand Hustle artist Alfamega took a moment out of his day to record a P.S.A on Internet gangsterism. The husky voiced goon, who knocked out a member of Shawty Lo's crew during the Dirty Awards brawl last year, thinks that the current rash of Internet gangster talk of violence is uncool. He even went as far as to apologize for his own transgressions. [Watch Here]

"That ain't cool man. I know I made my own mistakes, but they say the first step to recovery is admitting that there is a problem. I know I had a lot of anger in me...anybody that I have wronged in the past I want to apologize to you now.

Let us start the countdown to the days before Alfamega cracks someone's head open and releases a video on the internet about it. I'm giving him three months.

That's all from me folks. Hit me up at [email protected] for a healthy back and forth. After a week of more music from Rick Ross and no music from 50 Cent, who's hotter on the music side of the beef?

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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