News: Bun B Focuses On Fans W/ Final UGK Project, "It's Gonna Make Everybody Sleep Better" [Video]

Monday, Mar 16, 2009 3:11PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Bun B has shared his motivation behind the forthcoming UGK album revealing its primary focus being closure for the group's fans.

The "Trill" rapper said the project's goal is to help his followers come to terms with the unexpected passing of Pimp C.

"I wouldn't consider it a matter of finding closure in the situation because for me, it's gonna be a lifelong issue like my relationship with Chad was not just purely music," Bun said in an interview referring to Pimp C. "The grief I feel from losing my partner is going to last beyond the music. That being said, I think for the supporters and the fans and the people that helped make UGK who we are today, I think it'll help give them some closure because for a lot of people there's a question mark...It's gonna make everybody sleep a little bit better a night. I think they're not gonna feel like, all the time, trouble, energy and money they've invested into following UGK hadn't been in vein. I didn't come this far to drop the ball." (Global Grind)

Bun previously said he experienced difficulty in preparing the UGK 4 Life project.

"This is the first time I had to do so much on an album," Bun said during a listening session for the album. "I usually would just come to the studio, drop my verse and C would take care of everything else that had to be done with the record." (Ballerstatus)

Along with putting the project together for the fans, he also recently said the album would help Pimp C leave with "iconic status."

"This will be a good bookend to the legacy of myself and Pimp," Bun said. "And definitely take not just the group, but Pimp C, to true legend and iconic status. This album is not about who I wanna work with and what kind of beats I wanna do -- this album is about what the people wanna hear, and that's Bun and Pimp. And I wanna try to give that to them in the most purest sense." (MTV News)

The upcoming project will feature both a variety of guest appearances and production.

Songs include "Everybody Wanna Ball," "Steel Your Mind," "Hard As Hell," "The Game Been Good To Me" and "Purse Come First." It will also feature guest spots by Too Short and Big Gipp plus beats by Akon, B-Do, Cory Mo and Steve Below. (Keep It Trill)

Check out Bun B speaking on the album below:

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