News: Rick Ross Shut Out By Angie Martinez, Rapper Refused To Discuss C.O. Past [Audio]

Tuesday, Mar 10, 2009 10:40AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rick Ross invaded New York radio on Monday (March 9), however his interview with radio personality Angie Martinez was cancelled after she was told questions about his corrections officer past would not be allowed.

The Big Apple radio host said it was her decision, not Ross', to call off the sit-down.

"He did not cancel, I cancelled," Martinez said during her afternoon show. "There's no beef, it's just I was told today before the show that Rick would not be able to talk about C.O. stuff. About him being a corrections officer. For some reason, he would not be able to discuss this today. So I made the choice that I would not be interested in doing an interview that's partial. I was looking forward to sitting down. I like Rick...I just felt like, no, I don't want to do that." (Miss Info)

Despite Martinez's cancelation, Ross did speak with Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex about his problems with 50 Cent. (See below)

"He doesn't write [his lyrics,]" Ross told Flex. "You can't come at the Boss, musically, and you not gonna bump into me in the streets...A fan actually did the Gay-Unit skit...They done took the beef game online, but I'm not gonna allow it. So all I'm saying is, get rich man, but give back to your community. Don't do it for Rick Ross, do it for your people. Open up something in Queens where the kids can look up and feel that energy...Other than that, if you not gonna be a resource to the black community, it's really time to step outta the way." (Rap Radar)

Along with speaking on Fif's old neighborhood, Ross recently linked with former G-Unit associate Bang Em Smurf.

"50, what up, it's your boy Bang Em, man, Ross, you're having too much fun," Smurf said in an untitled diss track. "You're finished, yeah, what's up 50....You thought I was down and out, right? But I linked up with Rick Ross...So we all gonna get together and have a little fun with you, you bum a** n*gga...You know I got a lil' sh*t on you...And [Tony] Yayo bum a** man...You used to sleep on my couch, dirty Marvin...You used to wear my boxers and sh*t...And [Lloyd] Banks, you never had a fist fight...Y'all n*ggas are finished." (World Star Hip Hop)

Despite the alliance, 50 later revealed that he expected Ross to recruit his former associates.

"I wasn't surprised," 50 said in an interview with Angela Yee. "I got like three letters that he sent to the office, he had turned Muslim while incarcerated and just wanted to make good...He got deported, so he's not even in the United States...While he's out of the country, he saw an opportunity to say something...I think the people around me that would be willing [to be disloyal] were disposed of. Like, they could have potentially have gotten [Young] Buck to do something like that. That's why it was so important that I removed him the way I did. When you identify with a person having interest in themselves and themselves only, you gotta get rid of them. You can't be a team player when they're playing for themselves." (Shade 45)

UGK's Bun B recently spoke to SOHH about the issues with rap beefs in today's hip-hop.

"This is rap. We've had beef in rap since the beginning of rap. There are very few of the early artists in the music industry that didn't have some kind of an issue with another artist at some point. As long as nobody gets physically hurt, I don't see why anybody really should have a problem with it. I think everybody will come out of it alright. 50 [Cent] is going to be alright. [Rick] Ross will be alright." (SOHH)

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Listen to Ross' interview with Funkmaster Flex below:

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