News: Tony Yayo Responds To Rick Ross W/ New Song, "He The Next Ja Rule" [Audio]

Thursday, Feb 26, 2009 10:01AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

After hearing Rick Ross' $100,000 offer to join his team, Tony Yayo has responded with a new diss track called "Somebody Snitched" where he questions Ross' street credibility.

Yayo stepped up with his own record record to address Ross' recent video blog taunts.

"It's time for me to go in on this fat a** cop," he says in the intro. "Yeah I never had drama with the cops, but I'll Larry Davis Rick Ross with the glock/Your life is fabricated, what bricks you moving/ Homie ask E-Class, I'm known for shootin'...n*ggas f*ck with Rick Ross, hell no, he po-po/He the next Ja Rule, and [DJ] Khaled be hatin'/Remember last time p**sy at the radio station...YouTube gangsta, h*e a** n*gga...And I hear that Haitian n*gga on your track, but I just got off the jack with Haitian Jack...Me and Fif is like Jordan and Scottie n*gga, yeah I'm on the police." (This Is 50)

Aside from the song, 50 spoke with radio personality Angie Martinez on Thursday (February 25) and hinted at possibly becoming Ross' future boss.

"This is great," Fif said in the interview. "When I run Def Jam, I'mma get rid of all of 'em. Khaled, all of 'em...I don't have a plan, but I don't see it passing by as an idea if I have to go and get rid of Khaled and a few other artists over there that I really don't like. I'll do it...I'll go be the president of Def Jam. I have great executive skills. And I know how to remove myself and make the better business decision for the company. I know when to stop spending marketing dollars. Rick Ross? Right now, stop. Stop spending that money because it's not gonna equate the record sales and there's no way you're gonna get it back." (Hot 97 Angie Martinez Show)

Fif's proposed move to Def Jam could be placed on hold until his final Interscope project Before I Self Destruct is released, which he says has been put off for Eminem.

"Right now I'm on the train and the Em choo choo car goes first. See what happens is I think that people forget that I'm actually Eminem's artist because I've had so much success on my own and I moved away from it...So because [Dr.] Dre is mixing Em's album, Em will be completely entirely before we get a chance to finish up the pieces me and Dre did together." (Associated Press)

Ross released a video yesterday (February 25) in which he offered jobs to G-Unit.

"F*cking monkeys, you work for me," Ross said in the clip. Tony Yayo, when the last time he took your grandma shopping? Lloyd Banks, y'all been loyal to this n*gga, y'all should kill this n*gga at the next meeting and come holla at me, I'll give you $100,000." (World Star Hip Hop)

Listen to Tony Yayo's new record "Somebody Snitched" below:

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