News: Rick Ross Fires Another Shot At 50 Cent, "I Tried To Inspire You"

Wednesday, Feb 11, 2009 11:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Displaying no intentions of walking away from his rap beef with 50 Cent, Rick Ross has released a new song and video where he addressed 50 and claims he "tried to inspire" his rival to no avail.

In a new video statement, the "Boss" took a moment to speak on his music outshining Dr. Dre.

"You hear that production," Ross asked. "No it's not Dr. Dre production. These n*ggas make Dr. Dre look bad. They depreciating the value of Dr. Dre's production. Your career is over, 50. Give it up. '03 is no longer. I tried to inspire you. You released the worst sh*t I've ever heard in my career. Do yourself the biggest favor man. Smoke some kush, nah what I mean, eat man. You look, look like you haven't been eatin' man." (World Star Hip Hop)

The Miami rapper has also released a new diss song called "Push 'Em Over The Edge."

"Never measure a man by his money but by his moves, monkey," Ross says in the track's intro. "Get money, homicide is what it come with/We the killers motherf*cker who you gon get/I handle homos, solo/So smooth, not a wrinkle in my Polo/D*mn you ratted on 'Preme/d*mn near ratted on Queens/Don't a motherf*cker love you/It's hard to find out that your father was your uncle/This snitch infested with incest/Sold ten mil, still ain't in the ten best...Lloyd Blanks, I know you wonder why I ain't say nothing about your b*tch a**, but I can never acknowledge you. You sucked your assistant's d*ck on tape and he licked it. You're a f*cking, d*ck sucking, f*ggot...Lloyd Banks, your career is over." (You Tube)

Island Def Jam Chariman Antonio "L.A." Reid recently spoke on his stance on the rapper's current beef.

"I love Rick Ross," Reid said in an interview. "I consider 50 a friend. I don't encourage anything that represents ignorance and nonsense. I just hope these two guys are smart enough, mature enough and rich enough that this shouldn't last. I haven't been following it, honestly, but Rick Ross is my artist. I support him. I support his artistic beliefs and dreams. 50 is my friend and a fellow superstar in our business. I respect him and his legacy. I hope they work it out." (MTV News)

Ross also released a "Gay-Unit Workouts" cartoon on Tuesday (February 10) making animated G-Unit characters appear homosexual.

"Yo son, get your a** off my tongue so I can speak," an animated 50 tells Tony Yayo on the clip. "Eh yo so, I'm thinking later on I'mma buy us all some matching clothes. I think I blew a hole in my pants today, Yayo. "Nah Fif, it looks good, no problems over here. But for real son, that n*gga Ross f*cked you up on that 'Mafia Music' son but I heard he got some new sh*t though...called 'Magnificent' John Legend, son. Sh*t son, I don't know what the f*ck we gonna do." (Google Video)

Neither 50 nor the other G-Unit members have responded to Ross' latest antics.

Check out the video below:

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