News: Rick Ross Strikes Back At 50 Cent W/ "Gay-Unit Workouts" Cartoon [Video]

Tuesday, Feb 10, 2009 12:47PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

A new cartoon called "Gay-Unit Workouts," which puts G-Unit members in compromising homoerotic positions, has hit the net giving rise to the possibility of Rick Ross adopting 50 Cent's cartoon strategy in their ongoing battle.

The new cartoon focuses on making the rappers appear overly comfortable with one another.

"Yo son, get your a** off my tongue so I can speak," an animated 50 tells Tony Yayo on the clip. "Eh yo so, I'm thinking later on I'mma buy us all some matching clothes. I think I blew a hole in my pants today, Yayo. "Nah Fif, it looks good, no problems over here. But for real son, that n*gga Ross f*cked you up on that 'Mafia Music' son but I heard he got some new sh*t though...called 'Magnificent' John Legend, son. Sh*t son, I don't know what the f*ck we gonna do." (Google Video)

50 has previously been releasing Saturday morning "Officer Ricky" cartoons for the past two weeks.

"D*mn, Rick, why you got me up in this motherf*cker man," an animated prisoner says to corrections officer Rick Ross. "Is it because I said you and your mama look like the Klumps...Or is it because I said your baby's mama is a call girl? But Brooke is a call girl god d*mnit...You wouldn't have did this if you were still on Slip-N-Slide, Khaled told you to do this to me? I'mma get that motherf*cker. You think you lost your shoe deal because of me? It's 'cause you a cop, Rick! Nobody likes the f*cking cops, Rick!" (This Is 50).

In addition to the cartoons, both rappers have been trading verbal jabs on new songs like G-Unit's "I'll Be The Shooter (Officer Ricky's Done)".

"I'll never stop/I'm laying at your mama's spot," 50 raps, "Squeeze 'til the lama's hot/And have your a** in trauma ock/I cause havoc, you come in my vicinity/Motherf*ck the police, Officer Ricky, enemy." "I sleep with my gat, it's us three against the industry, let's keep it at that," Banks raps, "N*ggas yappin' about who dress the best...Your shady background/You're probably with the cops/You ain't street, you need to stop." "'Maybach Music,'" Yayo says, "Y'all n*ggas want trouble/I'll run up on that CO and stab his a** in the bubble." (Nah Right)

Ross has also leaked a snipped of his upcoming diss track reportedly called "Valley of Death."

"Walk like a giant/Talk like a tyrant," he raps, "Lord knows when I see this monkey I'mma be the devil/Beat him 'cause I'm clever/Beat him at whatever/You never was a G n*gga...New York unified, down South love that/When we got the shine, motherf*ckers where the love at/Real n*ggas get money, better log on/Think the game dead, imagine when your dawg gone/Imagine when it's all gone/When you fall off, it's only one to call on." (You Tube)
Check the cartoon out below:

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