Pulse Report: Jay-Z & Lil' Wayne Experience Minor Setbacks, Suge Knight Makes Comeback From Knockout, Ludacris Really Cares About White People

Friday, Feb 20, 2009 11:00AM

Written by Archie Fucque

In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about Jay-Z & Lil' Wayne delaying the inevitable, Rick Ross taking the fight to 50 Cent's backyard, Soulja Boy planning to dumb it down on his next project, Suge Knight making first public appearance after beatdown, and Ludacris spreading love to "white people."

[Editor Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. Hold Your Fire

Hater nation is chomping at the bit to dissect Jay-Z and Lil' Wayne's much anticipated projects, Blueprint 3 and Rebirth respectively. Unfortunately, they're going to have to wait a while. Both Carter boys revealed to MTV news that the release of their albums would be delayed. While Jay didn't even give a set date, Wayne opted to push his debut rock album Rebirth back to May 19th. Jay-Z did say that making this album without a given deadline is a risk, but one that might be worth taking in the end.

"If I don't have any time constraints, I'll mess around, I'll never get it done. I'll be Axl Rose out here! It'll be 12 years later and we'll be talking about Chinese Democracy. I really like the [time constraints]. But whatever happens, [the album] may turn out better, 'cause it'll be done when it's right."

All I know is that no matter how long they take neither one of these albums will be able to live up to the anticipation and expectations set. They never do when they take this long as in the case for BP3. I sense hesitation from a guy who cranked out amazing albums year after year in his prime. As for Wayne, following up the success of Carter 3 with a rock album feels like a real reach at over exposure for a guy who doesn't need to reach when everyone is already recognizing him as the biggest star in the game. Ask Ms. Katie. Still, I reserve judgment until I hear the product. I just feel a little nervous about both projects' success.

2. New York, New York

For those of you still paying attention "The Big Cop" circus just moved up north on the I-95. Rick Ross has taken his crusade against Curly a.k.a 50 Cent to the Big Apple; where he roamed the streets of New York looking for 50. Officer Ricky dropped a video for the diss track "Kiss My Pinky Ring Curly" and you can see the rotund rapper mocking the "monkey" and bragging about his fortune. [Watch Here]

Officer Ricky also linked up with G-Unit reject Bang'em Smurf to help him go at the entire G-Unit. [Listen Here]

Ok, I get that this whole thing has turned into a battle of who has the most creative web production team, but does it make sense for Ricky to have a pissing contest with 50 about money? I keep hearing Ross talk this "I'm rich" shi*t to a guy who has enough money to buy Iceland. If I were Ricky I'd stay away from the money talk because it's as believable as A-Rod's steroid explanation.

3. Dumb It Down

If you're as disappointed in the quality of Soulja Boy's sophomore album iSouljaBoyTellEm as he is, no need to fret, things will get better. (Or worse.) The teenybopper rapper revealed to Shade 45 radio host Angela Yee that he intends to go back to his original model of making music about nothing. Soulja admitted that the superficial approach to his craft drew him super results like a platinum debut Souljaboytellem.com and a hit record "Crank That." [Watch Here]

"On this album I really went in more def. I tried to step my game up and come with the lyrics, go on deeper topics talk about life. Talk about what it's like to b a celebrity, and nobody really wanted to hear that. The first album I wasn't talking about nothing and it went platinum. It's like you have to rap about what the people want to hear."

Do you, lil' homie. I dig where you're coming from. These folks don't appreciate you. You dumb down for your audience and double your dollars they criticize you for it. Yet they all yell "Superman that hoe." Stick to the motto, f*ck perception go with what makes sense. Word to Hov.

4. Facing The Music

Used to be when Suge Knight hit the scene cats would be shaking in their boots. These days, folks are shaking their head like 'Damn what happened to his face'. It's been a rough week to say the least for Knight. The once feared music mogul was dealt yet another ass whopping by an unknown tough guy. This knockout artist, Robert Carnes Jr., happens to be affiliated with singer Akon and is said to have administered a severe beatdown on Knight in an Arizona club during NBA All-Star weekend. The last beating Knight took left him bloodied on an LA street corner. This time around it was reported that he was treated at a hospital for a fractured face.

If Knight wants to save face, he could go around telling folks he won his previous fight before that one. Only thing is his opponent was a girl. According to TMZ.com three days after being knocked out Knight plead guilty to misdemeanor battery of his ex-girlfriend, who he attacked in a Vegas parking lot back in August 2008.

After all that, Knight made his first public appearance at a Jermaine Dupri event in Vegas for Magic Week. He appropriately wore shades to cover his eyes.

Who could have guessed that after all the terror Suge reigned on hip-hop in the 90's that his street cred would be bankable as a check from Bernie Madoff? Honestly if we were to rank street cred in hip-hop, Suge would probably be ranked at #45 with Yung Berg being #50 and Maino being #1.

5. White Power

In these harsh fiscal times it's wise to know on what side your bread is buttered. You know, it's just a good idea to show some appreciation for the people that help pay your bills. Tell 'em how much you appreciate their effort. Ludacris did just that at a Vegas nightclub this week. TMZ caught footage of the hip-hop superstar giving shout-outs to an adoring audience of asians, latinos, blacks and whites. Thanking each race for their support. However he made a special point to point out how much he "loved" white people. [Watch Here]

"If it wasn't for the white people, I wouldn't be selling 2 to 3 million records and shit...I love ya'll"

Also, in the spirit of bi-partism, Luda, the devote President Barack Obama supporter, apologized to Senator John McCain. If you remember, Luda had some harsh words for the Republican presidential hopeful during the election, but he took some time out during the NBA All-Star game to say sorry in person to McCain and his wife Cindy.

Safe to say Luda's no dummy, but should his minority fans be offended. I know I would be if I ever went out and spent 10 to 20 bucks on a Ludacris album. Who's offended by this comment?

That's all from me folks. Hit me up at [email protected] for a healthy back and forth. Is BP3 going to be worth the wait? Is Weezy going too far with Rebirth?

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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