Pulse Report: Pulse Report: Kanye West Tells 50 Cent Gay Is Okay, Juelz Santana Confronts Cam'ron, Lil' Wayne Refuses To Take The Beef Bate

Friday, Feb 13, 2009 1:15PM

Written by Archie Fucque

In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about, 50 Cent justifying his thug, Lil' Wayne not taking 50 Cent's bait, Juelz Santana not seeing eye to eye with Cam'ron, Kanye West defending the gay community, and MC Hammer teaming up with Vanilla Ice.

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1. On Defense

The most entertaining beef in hip-hop, stepped into the realm of reality this week and both sides had some explaining to do. The comedy antics in the ongoing 50 Cent vs. Rick Ross feud continued this week cartoons, diss records and more. First there was another Saturday cartoon mocking Officer Ricky. Then there was Officer Ricky's "Gay-Unit" response dissing G-Unit. Then there was 50 Cent starring in "Pimpin Curly: Episode1" and "Pimpin' Curly: Episode 2".

Unfortunately in the midst of all that 50 brought DJ Khaled's mother into the squabble. Curtis put out a video that showed Khaled's mother's home and footage of her at her work place. With Curtis clearly going out of bounds on that play, radio personality Miss Info called him on it.

"Honestly, I'm disappointed. Because the best thing about 50's beef so far has been the comedy, and of course there were low blows, but it was only from willing participants [ie. Tia Kemp]. Not innocent civilians who have nothing to do with nothing. I know Fif is smart and talented, so I'm disappointed."

50 later dialed Info to explain his unsympathetic move. Stating that his move was in response to Ross being behind a website Thisiscurly.com that posted an offensive picture of 50's son Marquise.

"How come everyone hears the shot, but nobody sees the slap that comes before the shot?"

After setting the record straight, both sides removed the offensive material. Yet 50 still plans to stick to his harsh strategy in this dispute.

Info clarified 50's strategy best: "You push, I punch, you stab, I shoot."

Thanks to Info for cleaning that one up. It was about to go there. I say if we going to bring more folks into this let's keep it industry. Like where is Fat Joe in this? He's been rather quiet. Where's Young Buck? Naw, he gets too emotional during beef.

2. Patiently Waiting

While 50 may be occupied with Officer Ross at the moment, he's still waiting on Lil' Wayne to respond to the message he left at the end of the "Officer Ricky" record. Fif called Wayne out at the end of the record for a subliminal diss Wayne might have made toward 50 and Eminem, on his mixatpe record "Louisianimal." 50 told MTV news that he needs to hear from Wayne before he let's the issue die.

"He didn't create clarity for the public. If you don't do that and say something disrespectful that's for the public, I gotta do something to address it. He had material come out. I don't know if it was leaked or not."

50 seems a bit sensitive , no? Does Weezy owe 50 an explanation for his music? And if he doesn't, is 50 equipped to fight two battles at once? Regardless of all that it seems that Wayne is not paying 50 much attention on the topic, anyway.

3. No Harm, No Foul?

While they both still profess a brotherly love for one another, Julez Santana and Cam'ron's recollection of past incidents are less than akin. Last week in an excerpt from the upcoming April Issue of XXL magazine, cover boy Cam'rom made clear one of the factors that went into his fallout with Jim Jones. Cam was upset that Jim took the stage with 50 Cent, in the midst of Cam's beef with the Queens rapper. Now this week outtakes from the March issue of XXL magazine which featured Julez, Jim, and Freaky Zekey on the cover, revealed how Juelz saw the incident. In Juelz's eyes there was no type of betrayal on Jim's part.

"It wasn't so much that. Jim is a smart person so Jim looks at it as like a lot of things is promotion, like, Cam would have did it too... And that's the type of person Cam would be, like, he would make it seem to us like, Why shouldn't we do something if you would have done it too just 'cause you didn't get the opportunity to do it? So don't mess up nobody else's opportunity. That was big for New York City. It wasn't about egos or them back stabbing going on that was about nothing. And to me, I was just asked by Jim to go, at the same time I wasn't playing no sides, I was just like a child caught in the middle of a damn...I love Cam. If he would have asked me to go do something, even if I didn't agree with it, I would have went and did it 'cause I'm a loyal player. I've done it mad times and he knows that. The same way with Jim. He said, 'Yo Juelz, I'm doing a show, I'm coming out with 50 and 'em.' Say no more. It didn't even matter who he was coming out with, you coming out in New York City, I'm coming out with you.

Let's see this through the eyes of The Sopranos. Tony is at war with Johnny Sack. I mean Johnny Sack is trying to wack Tony. Johnny then invites Silvio to dinner. Silvio then ask Chris to tag along for the dinner. Johnny, Sil, and Little Chrissy have a grand ole time, while Tony is at home pissed. Loyal player? Where's the loyalty in that Juelz?

It's clear Juelz and Cam have some deep rooted issues. To hash out Stay tuned for this one.

4. Gay Pride

Producer, rapper, fashion designer, pop icon, asshole, and arrogant. You can now add gay activist to the list of things you can call Kanye West. During an interview on Big Boy's Neighborhood, the Chi-town rapper defended the gay community, in an attempt to bring more unity between straight black males and gays. [Watch Here]

"Where I come from gay people were aliens. Don't touch 'em. You'll automatically explode, if you have a conversation for more than five minutes. We used to go downtown to the Gucci store and it be a gay dude working there man and we be disrespecting him. Call him out of his name in his store where he working. Cause we was just ignorant...At one point there was a separation between back and white people, now there is a big separation between gay and straight black males. They cannot be seen together they cannot communicate."

Karma is a bitch ain't it. Now look who's getting called gay and out of his name.

5. Old No They Not

All you retro-kids and 90's hip-hop heads looking for a fun time, the McKay Event Center in Orem, Utah is the place to be on February 27. That's right. You'll be in the house to see hip-hop legends, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice tear it down. According t TMZ, the two has-been entertainers are going out on tour together and this is one of their first gigs. Tickets for the Utah show range from $29.50 - $35.00 (which includes a $3.00 parking fee). [Peep the Flyer here]

I'd definitely be down to see this when it comes through my town. True confession, one of my first rap concerts was an MC Hammer show. I hope they add opening acts like Young MC and Sir Mix-a-lot.

That's all from me folks. Hit me up at [email protected] for a healthy back and forth. Is homophobia a real issue in hip-hop? Is 50 Cent picking on Wayne?

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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