Hot Press: Kanye Defends Rihanna, Beyonce Dodges Marriage Questions & Mel B Cashes In

Thursday, Feb 12, 2009 12:00AM

Written by SOHH Soul Rebel

Hot off the press this week Kanye gets all choked up over Rihanna, Beyonce can't stop "not talking" about her wedding, Halle has Jungle Fever, and Eddie Murphy spices up Mel B's life.

Big Brother

The whole world was watching as detailed emerged surrounding Rihanna and Chris Brown's absence from this year's Grammy Awards and Brown's suspicion of felony battery, but the show still had to go on for Rihanna's Glow in the Dark tour-mate Kanye West, who told E!

"She has the potential to be the biggest artist of all time. In that sense, I feel like that's my baby sis and I would do anything and everything to help her in any situation. I don't want to speak too much on it but I was completely devastated by the concept of what I heard to the point that I was completely devastated during my "American Boy" performance [with Estelle during the Grammys]."

Then he went on  another radio interview and blamed the news for his Grammy performance.

"I found out right before I had to go on. It affected my performance in a way because I was completely crushed by the idea." (Big Boy's Neighborhood)

Rebel Talking... Domestic violence is no laughing matter, but I have to admit I was completely devastated during Kanye's Grammy performance as well, mostly because of his shiny suit and mullet.

Put A Ring On It Sock In It

For someone who doesn't like to talk about their private life, Beyonce can't seem to stop talking about why she doesn't talk about it. The newlywed singer covers the new issue of British Cosmopolitan magazine, where she said she chooses not to talk about her private life because:

"There are certain things that are kind of obvious, and if you start talking, the questions will never stop. I think there's more to life than sharing it with everyone ... At school, if I dated someone, I didn't tell everyone. I feel like if everyone knows my stuff, it'll take the beauty and pureness out of it."

And on the subject of marriage and her intimate wedding last April, Bey explained:

"I've never been the girl who went to a wedding and thought, 'Oooh, I want to get married.' So I didn't want anything big and dramatic [for my wedding day] ... And I think that people can put way too much emphasis on the day. It's just so temporary and it goes in a second ... I think it's important for women to have their moment, whether it's your prom or your birthday ... but to me, marriage is not about that moment. It's about something way deeper."

Rebel Talking... Has this broad never heard of saying "No Comment"? Reading her little speeches on the purity and depth of her relationship has to be the only thing more annoying than hearing "Single Ladies" every five minutes on the radio.

Something New

Halle Berry just landed the cover of Essence for the 7th time, and for some reason the Oscar winning actress felt compelled to excuse her relationship with a white man to the popular Black women's magazine:

"I tried Black men. I tried," she wails in a mock southern accent. "I married two Black men. You know I tried." She laughs again before making clear that "I don't hold all Black males responsible because of the two bad eggs I got. I even dated Black men after my last divorce, but this is just where I found love."

Rebel Talking... I'm not one to judge, Halle's always been the rainbow-f*cking-kind, but damn she stays giving Eric Benet and David Justice a bad name.

Daddy Do-Little

Eddie Murphy's days as a deadbeat dad to his toddler daughter are over. Murphy and his Spice Girl ex-girlfriend Melanie Brown's legal battle has resulted in a judgment of millions in child support for their daughter Angel Iris.

Murphy has been ordered to pay $50,000 a month until the 22-month-old girl reaches 18 - a total of about $10 million.

He has also finally agreed to see Angel Iris, who he originally questioned was his until the results of DNA testing proved he was the father. Murphy and Mel B signed non-disclosure contracts, preventing them from discussing the settlement in public, but a friend of the singer told the News of the World:

'Mel is delighted that the case is over as she just wanted what was right for the girl. It was never about the money - it was Mel's way of asking Eddie to show consideration for Angel.'

Rebel Talking... Sing it with me, 'If you wanna be my lover/you gotta give up your ends/cuz children last forever/ got your money to spend...'

But while you were searching for Chris Brown's mugshot, Christina Milian was mugging for the cover of KING and we were trying to get on the boat with T-Pain.

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