Hot Press: T-Pain Runs From Death, Whitney Houston Takes Up Rihanna's Cause, Keyshia Cole's Mom Hearts Keith Sweat

Thursday, Feb 26, 2009 12:00PM

Written by SOHH Soul Rebel

Hot off the press this week T-Pain dodges death threats, Whitney doles out advice to Rihanna, Mama Frankie rides the Keyshia Cole train to fame, and that kid from Soul 4 Real likes to steal.

Pain Killas

It looks like somebody in Guyana hates AutoTune even more than I do. According to Associated Press reports, Grammy winnger T-Pain was recently forced to call off a performance Monday in the South American country after receiving death and kidnapping threats over the weekend.

Promoter Kerwin Bollers says Monday's performance for Carnival celebrations was called off after e-mail and phone threats from an unidentified source. There were "credible death and kidnapping threats." Police Commander Leroy Bollers reported Sunday that authorities will investigate.

If not for threats, Pain would have headlined one of Guyana's Monday's Mash 2009 "mega-concert," coinciding with the country's Carnival festivities. T-Pain had been the biggest name U.S. entertainer scheduled to play Guyana in years.

Rebel Talking... Sounds like somebody took the whole "Death to AutoTune" phrase too literally. Be safe (and put down the vocoder) Pain!

The Candyman Scams

Brian Dalyrimple of 90's group Soul For Real has grown from an adorable adolescent into an adult life of crime. The R&B singer is the alleged perpetrator of over 200 instances of identity theft. Dalyrimple is currently on the run from police with his 10 month-old-son.

"One of our detectives is working on it, she's our white-collar crime specialist and she has identified 145 victims within our jurisdiction, several of them businesses, and an additional 115 victims in other jurisdictions, so you're looking at over 260 victims right now," said Maj. Don Woodruff with the Duluth Police Department.

According to police, the victims are now out of more than $1 million collectively as the result of identity theft and financial fraud.

Rebel Talking... SMH Brian done turned from Soul IV Real to Stole for Real - I guess candy painted drop-tops beat "candy-coated raindrops."

Keyshia's Coal

Never one to pass up a red carpet moment, Keyshia Cole's ex-con, ex-crackhead, ex-hooker mama Frankie recently showed up to the Atlanta premiere of Keith Sweat's new show "The Platinum House" (which also stars the new version of Dru Hill) and made sure to promote her shoe and perfume line "Hal La!", her new BET reality show "The Frankie and Neffie Show" set to air next year, as well as her biography "2 Sides of Every Story." While on the red carpet, Frankie told reporters she's been clean for three years and is proud to be doing things on her own without the help of anyone, although she also showed off her Dolce & Gabbana accessories (given to her by Keyshia), saying " "My sh*t is real. I don't play that fake sh*t...well at least not now!"

Frankie also wants everyone to know that, "If you paying, she's there and for a small fee she'll come slap the sh*t out of you."

Rebel Talking... Can't hate on Frankie for trying to get that money before her fifteen minutes are up, but I blame the rest of you for proving hot ass messes make for good ratings.

We've Got Something In Common

If you believe the National Enquirer, Whitney Houston is trying to help Rihanna from suffering the same fate she did with that other R&B singing Brown by reaching out to tell her "Don't make the same mistakes I did.

A source tells American tabloid the National Enquirer, "When Whitney heard what had happened to Rihanna, she was close to tears. Right then she knew she had to contact her and urge her to get out of the relationship while she can. She made it clear that Rihanna should dump Chris.

"Whitney told her, 'Whenever you let your heart rule your head, you are bound to run into trouble.' " "Even after what Chris did to her, Rihanna is crazy about him," the source added. "They have been talking and have agreed that once the legal problems are ironed out, they will be together. "They have vowed to meet at a secret rendezvous location outside of Los Angeles."

Rebel Talking... I wonder if she told Rihanna to stay clear of the crackpipe too?

But while everyone from Bow Wow to Ne-Yo was weighing in on Chrihannagate, nobody seemed to notice Beyonce let something slip.

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