News: Former 50 Cent Associate Bang Em Smurf "Links" W/ Rick Ross, "We Gonna Have A Little Fun W/ You" [Audio]

Wednesday, Feb 18, 2009 12:42PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former G-Unit associate Bang Em Smurf has released a diss song "What Goes Around Comes Around" against 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo while also announcing an alliance with Rick Ross.

Smurf's new track takes aim at Fif while also siding with the Miami rapper.

"50, what up, it's your boy Bang Em, man, Ross, you're having too much fun," Smurf says in the intro. "You're finished, yeah, what's up 50....You thought I was down and out, right? But I linked up with Rick Ross...So we all gonna get together and have a little fun with you, you bum a** n*gga...You know I got a lil' sh*t on you...And Yayo bum a** man...You used to sleep on my couch, dirty Marvin...You used to wear my boxers and sh*t...And Banks, you never had a fist fight...Y'all n*ggas are finished. (World Star Hip Hop)

Prior to the track, Bang Em spoke on his beef with 50 claiming the G-Unit leader once helped bail him out from jail after months behind bars.

"50 Cent sent me home," Bang Em said in an interview. "Four months. No phone calls from a n*gga. No 'How this n*gga doing, is he okay' none of that...I am G-Unit. I started all of that gathering n*ggas together, all of that, I did everything for this G-Unit when it comes to the street sh*t. (All Access)

50 made his relationship with Bang Em clear after releasing the diss track "These N*ggaz Ain't Hood" in summer 2004.

"So what I grew up with these n*ggas, I ain't stuck with them n*ggas," Fif rapped. "We from the same 'hood, but I don't f*ck with them n*ggas. Sh*t pop off, I touch one of them n*ggas, cut one of them n*ggas, buck one of them n*ggas...I thought n*ggas would love to see me shine, but it's hurtin' 'em to see me gettin' mine. (You Tube)

The two reportedly grew apart upon Bang Em's arrest in 2003.

In 2003 after 50 Cent released his diamond album Get Rich or Die Tryin', Bang Em Smurf was arrested for a gun charge. He asked 50 Cent to bail him out, but 50 Cent never came through. Bang Em Smurf had to put up his house to get bailed out, then he confronted 50 Cent, asking him why he didn't help him. 50 Cent responded by kicking Smurf out of G-Unit and "sending him to the hood to get some act-right". (Nation Master)

Listen to Bang Em Smurf's diss track "What Goes Around" below:

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