News: Diddy Says New Album Will Be "Profound"

Tuesday, Feb 10, 2009 12:21PM

Written by Danica Dow

In a recent video blog Diddy promised that his upcoming auto-tune album will have more depth than his previous work.

Diddy recently expressed his desire to make his upcoming solo album "profound."

"I'm working on my album. I done did a lot of things, made a lot of big records but then you get to a certain level of depth and understanding. You want to express that. It's not easy to be profound in this day and age. A lot of what we're hearing is on the surface. I want to go below the surface." (Diddy Blog)

Diddy is expecting to release his new album this summer.

"Right now, I'm working on my record, and it'll be out in the end of summer," he told us recently in NYC. "It's feeling good. It's different. I'm creating a new sound. It doesn't sound like anybody else's stuff out there. (MTV)

As previously reported, the up-coming album will featureDiddy using the auto-tune effect popularized by T-Pain.

"Diddy actually gave me royalties on this album just for using Auto-Tune. He signed the contract and everything. Pain said that Diddy's new material is in the lane of his singing-heavy hit "Last Night."

"I gave him eight tracks," Pain said. "Eight songs. I don't how many he's gonna use, but I'll tell you how many I gave him. He's doing a little more singing. He's more like the Euro style. He's keeping it hip-hop but bringing some Euro in it. Very electronica."(MTV)

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