News: 50 Cent Releases "Pimpin' Curly: Meet Uncle Pinky," Guest Stars Clifton Powell [Video]

Thursday, Feb 26, 2009 6:42PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent continues his pimp parody "Pimpin' Curly" series with the addition of actor Clifton Powell in the new episode "Meet Uncle Pinky."

With nearly ten minutes of footage, 50 introduces fans to Powell's character who is modeled after the pimp named "Pinky" from Ice Cube's movie Next Friday.

"I can beat a b*tch Pimpin' Curl," Powell's character says in the clip. "Look at that pressin' Curl. Them is real t*tties. Ain't no motherf*ckin' silicon in there like those b*tches you got. And especialy the lil' crippled f*cked up one. You seen the crippled b*tch with the little leg. What kinda f*cking name is Pimpin' Curly for a n*gga anyway...Get you a straight curl like me...I'll do the pimp stomp! Omp! Omp! You don't want it! This ain't Rick Ross n*gga! You might be beefin' with that fat motherf*cker but let me tell you something about me. I'm not scared!" (This Is 50)

Fif's previous video "The Fast Lane" featured Curly's brother, Earl.

A day in the life of Pimpin' Curly. Meet his brother Earl and his stable of women as he moves around the city getting his money right. "I'm concerned about you, you know, I talked to mom, mom's worried sick about you." Earl tells Curly in the episode's intro. "Mom tells me you tell her there's only two kinds of people in this world, pimps and h*es. Violence isn't the answer to everything. You better stop it, I'm not scared of you." (You Tube)

Fif's straight-to-Internet series recently caught the attention of Kenneth "Pimpin' Ken" Ivy who felt the G-Unit leader was mocking him.

"Y'all wanna see what my response to 50 is," Ken asks the camera before introducing viewers to a spoofed version of Pimpin' Curly sniffing cocaine. "Motherf*ckers talkin' that motherf*ckin' sh*t behind my back, hold on, let me take another motherf*ckin' hit...Motherf*ckin' Pimpin' Ken, you said, crown me don't down me. I wanna be just like you when I grow up...You straight motherf*ckin' paid. As a matter of fact, G-Unot! Get the f*ck outta my face." (Pimpin' Ken)

In 50's first "Pimpin' Curly" clip, he took on the persona of a jheri curl-sporting pimp justifying the purchases he made for Ross' baby's mother, Tia.

"Eh, I got to address some sh*t real quick," Fif says in the clip. "Motherf*ckin' Pimpin' Ken gonna say I ain't motherf*ckin' pimpin'. N*gga you don't know a pimp when you see a motherf*ckin' pimp? Cause I bought a b*tch a couple of fur coats, n*gga? What about the money we gonna make off the book? Ain't that pimpin', pimpin'?" (SOHH TV)

Check out Fif's latest "Pimpin' Curly" video below:

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