News: 50 Cent Targets DJ Khaled's Family In Thinly Veiled Video Threat, "I Know Where Your Mama House At"

Wednesday, Feb 11, 2009 9:57PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent has moved beyond Rick Ross disses for a moment to take aim at Ross' Miami colleague DJ Khaled in a new video called "A Psychic Told Me," which taunts the disc jockey and his family.

The video shows clips of a lady identified as Khaled's mother at work as well as her alleged residence while the G-Unit leader reads a poem directed at the Terror Squad associate.

"Yo, I got this lil' poem I wrote for DJ Khaled," 50 narrates. "Your car tires got stabbed out, now you know, I know where you be. I just wanna tell you what a psychic told me. I know where your mama house at. Now look, you can see. But I just wanna tell you what a psychic told me. I know where your mama work at, now look at her, asleep. I just wanna tell you what a pyschic told me. I'm not the kinda n*gga you should f*ck with, B. I'm special. I have less compassion than the average human." (This Is 50)

50 has been keeping fans up-to-date with his latest antics via his Twitter account.

"New video "A Psychic Told Me" - DJ Khaled Diss," he wrote unmodified. "Rick Ross' baby mom live on ThisIs50 with 50 Cent...'Pimpin' Curly'...New Diss Song - 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo 'I'll Be The Shooter' Listen + Download." (Twitter)

The last time Fif directly addressed Khaled was in his Rick Ross diss song, "Try Me."

"Screaming 'Boss'/N*gga you ain't a boss/P*ssy n*gga you're lost...Yeah, you're the best/You're the c*ck sucking best/Go 'head f*ggot, deep throat it/Feel it in your chest."

Khaled recently made headlines when he was believed to have committed suicide in California this week.

"This is DJ Khaled and due to recent press and news reports, I feel compelled to release a statement," he wrote. "Just to be clear I am in Miami, Florida, working on Rick Ross' album, Deeper Than Rap. I am not in L.A., where there are reports that I have been in a police chase. These reports are completely false and unfounded." (Press Release)

Check out the video below:

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