News: Saigon Says Joe Budden Is "Finished," Steps Up To Rap Battle

Friday, Jan 16, 2009 11:50AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

New York rapper Saigon has responded to Joe Budden's diss record "Letter to Saigon" and announces that the battle is on.

The Brooklyn-bred emcee recently said Budden's usage of his name in a summer 2008 song was intended to start a rap beef.

"Beef creates attention. The thing about me is I don't bother nobody but because I'm a 'conscious' black rapper, n*ggas pick on me. Joe Budden, I never did anything to this man in my life. Why would you just start up with me." (Hip Hop Game)

Budden released the hard-hitting diss record "Letter to Saigon" yesterday (January 15)."

"Seem like in every interview, n*ggas wanna mention dude / He took my good punch line and got it misconstrued, ain't dis you then, but now I will / Just saying how I feel...Got your camera showing off your tiny town house and your girl car / 'Cause you ain't a real star / Not even a World Star / The Greatest Story Never Told will be never told / Your mixtapes never sold; Leak the sh*t let it go...I see an insecure n*gga trying to prove something / Getting desperate 'cause his music don't move nothing'..." (Amalgam Digital)

Saigon has now reacted to the track.

"The little homosexual n*gga made a diss record, he want me to bite his head off," he said. "I said I'm not a battle rapper, but I'll take this razor and run this sh*t across your f*cking adam's apple. But I'm going to battle this n*gga just to show him that lyrically, he's not in my league. Never been, never will be.

I'm gonna bite his f*cking head off. He's not gonna pop up with no more Mood Muziks, no more Padded Rooms, padded bras or whatever this n*gga does. He's outta here, he's finished -- and I'mma beat him up after that. My word as a man, whenever I see Joe Budden, I'mma beat him up." (Loud)

[For more on what's going on in the Big Apple peep SOHH NYC]

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