Impact: Naturi Naughton On Playing Lil' Kim In "Notorious" Biopic, "The Stress Was Heavy For Me"

Monday, Jan 12, 2009 1:33PM

Written by Danica Dow

Naturi Naughton, an original member of the R&B trio, 3LW, told SOHH that playing Lil' Kim in the upcoming film, Notorious was very stressful for her.

During a recent press junket, Naturi Naughton, who was a fan of Lil' Kim growing up, said playing the role of Biggie's artist and love interest, was nerve-racking for her.

"The stress was heavy for me... personally.  It's pressure because everyone who is also a fan is looking at you like you have to be exactly what we see and if you're not exactly what they see especially in the present day, there's a problem."

"But what people have to understand, we're not giving you the present day Lil' Kim or the present day Faith we're giving you a story about Biggie Smalls and the people that were there when he was alive. We want to capture these people as they were not as they are."

It has been previously reported that Lil' Kim was unhappy with the way that she was portrayed in the film.

During the casting of the film, it was rumored that Kim was unhappy that producers picked Naturi Naughton of 3LW fame to play her. It was also speculated that Kim felt her relationship with B.I.G. was sensationalized. She's now blaming Big's mother, Ms. Wallace, and wife, Faith Evans, for their involvement. (SOHH)

Since Kim didn't offer Naturi any guidance during the filming process, the actress had to rely on help from members of Lil' Kim's former rap group, Junior Mafia.

"I had the guys from Junior Mafia [Biggie's entourage and labelmates on Bad Boy records] help me out a lot," Naturi said. "I really just researched on my own. I studied videos and spent time in Brooklyn to get an idea of the mentality." (New York Daily News)

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