News: Jim Jones Vows To Change After Alleged Assault, "I've Been The Aggressor For Too Long"

Monday, Jan 26, 2009 1:25PM

Written by Danica Dow

Jim Jones isn't due in court until next moth to face a misdemeanor assault charge but the Harlem rapper is already vowing to change his aggressive ways.

During a recent post concert interview in New Haven, Connecticut, Dipset Capo Jim Jones said he is trying to get his ego in check.

"I'm trying to change it up a little bit this year. I've been the aggressor for too long. If you want to change some things in life you can't go on doing the same thing. I don't know if I'll fall back a little as far as the music and the business but [I will] as far as the agression and doing things that can be avoided and not letting my ego get the best of me. (Jenny Boom Boom)

Last month, Jones was involved in an altercation in a New York City Louis Vuitton store. Despite early rumors, the rapper insisted that R&B singer Ne-Yo was not involved.

"Ain't nothin' happen, like shout-outs to Ne-Yo," Jones said in an interview. "Nothing went on with Ne-Yo. I couldn't do that, man. That would be a little bit wrong to put my hands on Ne-Yo. He's a talented young man. The ladies like him." (Big Boy's Neighborhood)

Jones voluntarily spoke to the NYPD about the incident early this month.

"While details of the incident remain unclear, the information provided by Jones was enough to warrant a charge and a summons for a desk appearance. He is scheduled to appear in court on February 4. Jones was released without bail immediately after making his statement, Leemon told AllHipHop." (AllHipHop)

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