Hot Press: Chris Brown Gets Groupie Love, Rihanna Goes Conservative & Solange Has Bey's Back

Wednesday, Jan 7, 2009 1:13PM

Written by SOHH Soul Rebel

Hot off the press this week, Chris Brown gets surprised by randy women, Rihanna puts some clothes on, Solange says Beyonce ain't never scurred of Janet Jackson and Dru Hill goes the reality route.

Groupies Gone Wild

If groupie love is your thing, you might want to join Chris Brown's entourage. In a recent interview with Billboard Magazine Brown reveals he's had a few run-ins with some of his freakier female fans, recounting:

I recently took my cousins to a restaurant to celebrate their team winning a basketball game. An older lady, like probably late 40s, early 50s, just came up and started hugging on me. But she wouldn't let go. My security was trying to get her off. I had to push her off as I kept saying, "Get up off me." Then about a year ago, I was getting ready to go onstage. A pop-up toaster was situated at the middle of the stage. To get to the toaster, I had to go under the stage. While I was down there, I was met by a little surprise: two naked females. I think one of the guys working in my camp put them there to spook me [laughs].

Rebel Talking... Uh, something tells me they weren't there to 'spook' you. But nice try Chris, that one should go over well with Rihanna.

Bad Girl Forced Good

So much for rebellion. Associate Press reports say Rihanna is yielding to conservative Malaysian law and will be covering up for her show there in February. According to government rules, female performers must be covered from shoulders to knees.

Malaysian tour organizers are trying to avoid the sort of protests and fines that plagued Gwen Stefani's, Avril Lavigne's, and the Pussycat Dolls' concerts in Malaysia. While Stefani made a "great sacrifice" and covered up, the Pussycat Dolls were fined $3,000 for ignoring decency laws. A district branch of the opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, who called Avril's performance "too sexy" says that Rihanna is "sexier and more dangerous."

Rihanna's management is "aware of the country's regulations and the difficulties of doing a show," Razman Razali, managing director of Pineapple Concerts, told the AP.

Rebel Talking... Now that her image has been so sexed up, I have a hard time imagining Rih-Rih in anything that would fit the dress code outside of a camel-toe -inducing-catsuit.


It's been a rough year for Janet Jackson. After losing the support of her record label, a lackluster US tour and suffering from vestibular migraines, Janet now has to contend with Solange Knowles' opinion.

You see, if there IS any truth to those National Enquirer rumors that Janet Jackson was "infuriated" by Beyonce's comments for her January 2009 ELLE cover story, Bey's little sis isn't helping matters.

The drama started with Bey's claims in ELLE that:

"I grew up upper class. Private school. My dad had a Jaguar," said Beyonce. "We're African-American and we work together as a family, so people assume we're like the Jacksons, but I didn't have parents using me to get out of a bad situation."

Which was followed by reports that Janet is pissed with Beyonce. Now the situation has been escalated along by Solange who attested to her sister's gangster during a dinner with friends.

One source claims Solange almost laughed when the subject was brought up, saying, "What ever. Beyonce ain't scared of Janet. All my sister did was tell the truth...she wasn't trying to hurt nobody".

Rebel Talking... Leave it to Ms. "F*ck The Industry, Signed Sincerely" to step in and keep it real after her ordinarily Stepfordesque sister puts her foot in her mouth. Keep it up Solange and Daddy might not let you release another experiment album.

Over The Hill

In case you were wondering where Sisqo's been hiding his thong-tha-thong-tha-thong, it looks like he and the rest of Dru Hill are trying to stage a comeback via the small screen, in the form of an upcoming reality series.

Titled "Platinum House," the R&B quartet's reality series follows Sisqo, Jazz, Nokio and Tao as they plot a return to the R&B world with their anticipated comeback album "InDRUpendence Day".

"Platinum House" follows the member changes over the last few years including the addition and subtraction of Baltimore R&B singer Scola; the recently publicized departure of Woody aka Woody Rock; and the addition of Tao.

While a network and premiere date for the show have yet to be announced, Dru Hill's "Platinum House" is said to be hitting television "soon." The group also recently released a single "If You Fall" off their upcoming album InDRUpendence Day.

Rebel Talking... The lack of an air date or network commitment makes me doubt the "reality" of this show, but if it's anything like the video where they reunite then break up on the radio, it should be a smash hit. These guys need to holla at the producers of "Being Bobby Brown."

While you were reading about Ciara's thoughts about body image, we were waiting on Prince's three new albums and jamming to our new girl crush VVBrown.

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