Pulse Report: Pulse Awards 2008: Rick Ross Has Nomination On Lock, Shame On Yung Berg, Drama Queen Crowned

Friday, Dec 19, 2008 1:10PM

Written by Archie Fucque

Pulse Report 12-19
In this week's Pulse Report it's time to handout awards to people that kept the streets buzzing in 2008.

[Editor Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. P.S.A (Public Shame Award)

This award goes to the artist who was a downright disgrace to the game.

Nominees: Rick Ross, Yung Berg, Suge Knight, Young Buck

When the sh*t hit the fan in 2008, some artists came away with sh*t stained reputations. Some moments didn't come as a surprise, like Kanye West getting knocked for tussling with the paparazzi. For a guy who wears his pants so tight, you knew he wasn't going to give an inch in this ongoing battle. Then there were others that were filled with irony. The attempted murder of Uncle Murda. A rapper called Tip endorsing 1-800-Crimestoppers. But, of course there were the big events that had the Internet buzzing for days. The type of stuff that came out of nowhere, like the one-hidda-quidda that put Suge Knight to sleep.

Knight's infamous reign of terror over hip-hop came to a bloody end when a neighborhood barber Greg a.k.a Knockout Kid served the music mogul outside a Los Angeles club. Coincidently, if that assault happened 13 years ago somewhere in Florida the KO Kid would have likely been taking orders from Officer Rick Ross in the slammer.

The Boss forgot to mention on his illustrious resume that he worked for the law as a corrections officer, before he worked against it as an alleged reputed drug kingpin. Surely if hip-hop were prison, Officer Ross would have had to move Yung Berg out of general population for his own safety.

The little guy spent much of 2008 on the wrong side of beatdowns. Along with his manhood, Berg lost his infamous Transformer chain, and the respect of dark-skinneded woman. His ill advised "no dark-butts" comment really caused a stir. Looking back Berg has been through enough to make a grown man cry, and he wouldn't have been the first rapper to do so in 08.

Young Buck opened up the waterfalls in his now legendary phone conversation with 50 Cent. [Listen here] All things considered, crying to keep your job in these hard fiscal times is totally understandable.

Winner: Yung Berg

Let's see if the "Smack Me Tour" continues in 2009.

2. Drama Queen Award

This award goes to the female that stirred things up.

Nominees: Foxy Brown, Remy Ma, Shaniqua Tompkins, Da Brat, Kim Osorio

The fellas weren't the only ones causing a ruckus this year. Remy Ma and Da Brat were both sent to prison in 2008. In May, the Bronx-bred femcee Remy Ma was sentenced to a maximum of eight years in prison for shooting her ex-BFF Makeda Barnes-Joseph, in 2007. Meanwhile Chi-town's own Da Brat caught a case for Brat-ta-tattooing a waitress at an Atlanta nightclub with a champagne bottle. In August, Brat received a 3-year sentence for literally beating that b*tch with a bottle.

Just like the revolving door of prison, as those two went in, Foxy Brown came home. Brown was met by hordes of media during her April release from Rikers Island after an 8-month stay. However, crickets met the release of her fourth studio album Brooklyn Diva. Thanks to a rumored engagement to Rick Ross, Brown was able to stay remotely relevant. Now come to think of it a Foxy Brown/Rick Ross union seems completely believable. Inmates and COs have been known to make that love connection more times than not.

Plus, we all know how hip-hop fans love relationship gossip. That's why former Source magazine editor-in-chief Kim Osorio was able to grab everyone's attention with her shocking book Straight from the Source: An Expose from the Former Editor in Chief of the Hip-Hop Bible. Along with scandalous details about the fall of the "hip-hop bible" Osorio revealed her sexual relationships with rappers Nas and 50 Cent. Asked to tell his side of the story, 50 Cent responded on thisis50.com:

"I messed with Kim a while ago, she licked on my balls before the deal...when they weren't worth much. She licked my balls once and now she's a star. I got some advice for all aspiring women journalists, it may not make the best sellers list, but lick my balls and you are on the road to the riches!!"

Not sure how that works, but there was one woman who spent much of 2008 trying hit 50 where it hurts. Shaniqua Tompkins became a heroine to baby momma's everywhere when she went to war with 50 over child support for their son. Though she didn't gain much, Tompkins proved to be a more formidable foe for Fif than Ja Rule or The Game ever was. She had the big homie rattled for a second.

Winner: Shaniqua Tompkins

Her book "Art Of War: Baby Momma Edition" should be out summer 2009. It might not make the bestseller list, but she's on her way on the road to riches.

3. Grand Theft "Auto" Award

For the artist who jacked T-Pain's autotune the best.

Nominees: Lil' Wayne, Kayne West, Ron Browz

Not sure when it happened, but sometime over the last 10 years hip-hop lifted its "no biting" law. Today's rappers are going around jacking styles at an unprecedented pace, and no one has been taken a bite out of more than T-Pain. Pain's signature Auto-Tune sound has been lifted by tons of artist to make hits and hit albums in 2008. First Lil' Wayne utilized it for his smash hit "Lollipop", which propelled his Carter III album to sell a milli in a week. Weezy followed up that success by guest staring on several records in autotune.

Kanye West tested it out on Young Jeezy's "Put It On" and from there recorded his entire fourth album 808's & Heartbreak in Auto-Tune. Then there were the little nobodies like Ron Browz who became somebodies off an Auto-Tune driven hit, "Pop Champagne". Do these New York cats know no shame? Work on a new sound, you lazy f*cks.

Winner: Lil' Wayne

Maybe this will force T-Pain to switch things up.

4. At Odds Couple Award

This award goes to the duo that cooked up the most enticing beef.

Nominees: T.I. vs Shawty Lo, Jim Jones vs Max B, Dame Dash vs. Jay-Z, Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy

Save for a few truces (The Game/Joe Budden) the year was filled with its share of rapper conflicts. There was the classic clash old school/new school battle between Ice-T and Soulja Boy. While Ice-T's "Fuck Soulja Boy" was the most precise insult of the year, Soulja's response proved he was not to be f*cked. [Watch here]

While some of it got physical--Fat Joe's and Papoose's hotel scuffle, Tre Da Truth rearranging Mike Jones' grill--most rappers stuck to pre fight antics on the Internet. Damn near everyone had a diss video. Diss records? Oh that was an afterthought. And no one put in more work behind a video camera than Max B in his jihad against Jim Jones and Dipset.

These two weren't the only NY cats to go at each other. Old friends turned enemies Dame Dash and Jay-Z kept their rivalry going with Dame becoming more and more outspoken about Jay's past. [Watch Here] With his alleged money problems brewing Dame is really starting to behave like two other Harlem cats (Frank Lucas, Nicky Barnes) whose lips got loose when the ship started to sink.

'08 even saw conflict erupt between fans and rappers. Who could forget Maino giving some unruly fan the "Hi-Hater slap" at a show in upstate New York. [Watch here]

Some DJs even got into the mix as DJ Chuck T led a revolt against Lil' Wayne for his "the DJ is dead" comment. Though the leak of the Carter III didn't hurt, Weezy learned there is no such thing as royal treatment at the top. Even T.I., the King of the South, had a local joker, Shawty Lo, throwing rocks at the throne all year. What started out as some kind of silly turf war over Bankhead, turned into a full on ghetto brawl at the Dirty Awards. [Watch here]

Winner: T.I. vs Shawty Lo

The "where is Waldo" videos aimed at T.I. where funny, but nothing tops Alfamega going Incredible Hulk 2008 at the Dirty Awards.

5. S.L.U Award

The person with the top-notch swagger of 2008

Nominees: T.I., Lil Wayne, Barack Obama, Jim Jones, Jay-Z

The "in" phrase for 2008 was no doubt, swagger. If you had it, you flaunted it and used it to your advantage. Of course, everyone thought they had it, but only a few really did.

How do you know you've got swagger? You know you got it when the Feds catch you with a cache of army guns and you manage to avoid serious jail time and remain hot on the charts. You know you have it when you sell a million albums in a week. You know you got it when you become the first black president by a landslide. You know you've got it when you're the most relevant rapper from New York and you're not that talented. You know you've got it when you should really be retired and companies still give you $150 million to make music.

Winner: Barack Obama

By a landslide!

That's all from me folks. Hit me up at [email protected] and let me know your thoughts on 2008.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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