News: New Study Shows Black Men & Youth Violence Increasing, Dramatically

Monday, Dec 29, 2008 6:35PM

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A new study claims the rate of African American men and youth involved in fatal shootings has risen nearly 50 percent since 2000.
According to Associated Press, Boston's Northeastern University has released a report conducted by criminologists showing there were 426 black males between 14 and 17 killed in gun crimes, up 40 percent from 2000. Roughly 964 committed fatal shootings in 2007.

"Although the overall rate of homicide in the United States remains relatively low, the landscape is quite different for countless Americans living, and some dying, in violence-infested neighborhoods," Northeastern's James Alan Fox told the Associated Press. "There is an urgency for reinvestment in children and families. In essence, we need a bailout for kids at risk."

Throughout the past year, SOHH reported on shoot-outs at major hip-hop events by artists including E-40 in Colorado, Rick Ross in Florida, Max B in New York City and more.

Despite these incidents, actions are in place by President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden to allow funding for 50,000 new police officers to patrol the streets. 

In the meantime, rap artists have also made efforts to stop decrease the violence on their own most recently Joe Budden who has been engaged in a strong war of words with fellow rapper Ransom that had the potential to end in violence.

"What happens when somebody die, because that's all that's gonna happen as an end result" Budden said in a recent video blog. "I'mma take the high road here."

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