Pulse Report: Kanye Says You Can Learn A Lot From Gays, Soulja Boy Serves Charles Hamilton, Kat Williams Retires

Friday, Dec 12, 2008 12:30PM

Written by Archie Fucque

Pulse Report 12-12

In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about, Kanye West brushing off the "gay talk," 50 Cent running "game" on us, Soulja Boy sparring with Charles Hamilton, Kat Williams being "so-so" unhappy with Jermaine Dupri, and Trick Trick taking Yung Berg's chain on tour.

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1. Can't Tell Me Nothing

Sticks and stones may break his bones but words will never hurt Kanye West. Apparently the sometimes-sensitive superstar is turning over a new leaf, where he's not going to be fazed by any negative talk. Matter of fact he welcomes the hate. Speaking with Q Deezy after one of his shows, Ye said the current hate he receives for his new album 808s & Heartbreak reminds him of his debut album, College Dropout, when no one thought he would make it. [Watch Here]

"Ya'll don't realize the more ya'll arguing, the more it's like I'm a brand new artist. I feel like the way I felt on the College Dropout, when people was dissing my raps. It's people dissing stuff again. It's good to challenge yourself."

Not only is he immune to your musical criticism, but he's also not bothered by the consistent suggestion that his eccentric style of dress makes him a homosexual.

"If somebody say 'man your pants is tight so that makes you like guys' I'm like I don't know how that calculates...a lot of gay people dress really good and stuff like that you should take tips from them matter a fact to advance your style of dressing. I'm just saying that you know a lot of people when I started wearing my jeans like this they started calling me gay and stuff, I just laugh at that... I just don't take offense to it."

If this new kinder-gentler-turn-the-other-cheek Kanye West means we won't be witnessing anymore spasms then I'm not for it. Actually, I really don't think this new 'tude will last very long. Let's see what happens when paparazzi attempts to take his picture, while telling him his album sucks, and that he's gay for wearing tight jeans.

2. Playing Games

50 Cent--one of Kanye's biggest detractors--has been too busy promoting his new video game "Blood On The Sand" to find the time to hate on Kanye. Curtis sat down with MTV News this week to talk about his addiction and the new music he plans to entice fans with.

As for the addiction thing, Fif has diagnosed himself as success junkie, a success-aholic if you will.

"...I'm a junkie. I'm addicted to success. There's no rehab for success, or I'd go check in right now."

You can't front on dude's success; he's definitely a top hustler in the game. No I take that back he is the top hustler, but why do I get the feeling that next batch of product (Before I Self Destruct) he cooks up is not going to be as potent.

I probably get that feeling because of the fact that he's already pushed it back, and he's trying to feel out the market by sneaking music onto his video game.

"There's 19 tracks that [people] haven't heard before on the actual video game. Of course, the hit music that I'm sure [fans] would be interested in, I put on there also. And there's the opportunity for you to program the game to play [the music] at different points after you've reached different stages in the game."

If the video game is set up anything like his career, I'll be spending my time on the early stages.

3. High School Musical?

It seems like every week brings us a fresh pound of hip-hop beef. Of course some are not even worth mentioning, but this week's clash between Soulja Boy and Charles Hamilton was particularly interesting if for no reason other than the fact that Soulja Boy is a wildly entertaining dude. The quick recap on this one goes something like this:

Charles Hamilton... Who? Um yeah, checkout his myspace here. Charles Hamilton an up and coming rapper from New York, also known as Sonic the Hedgehog, took offense to being compared to Soulja Boy during an interview on Shade 45 radio.

"Don't ever compare me to that n*gga. First of all, he was rich before me. So he immediately took himself out of the bracket of comparison, number one. Number two: I been on my Sonic shit before the deal. Jimmy [Iovine] did not tell me, 'Hey, we're trying to work with Sonic. Let's get this g-.' No. I've developed my own shit over time. I've been the same me. I used to dress a lot weirder and then, all of a sudden, this word 'hipster' came out of nowhere."

"He's smart for using the business. What the f**k does that have to do with him ruining the opportunity of people such as Cory Gunz, Mickey Factz, Kid Cudi to be accepted in the mainstream?! I really don't wanna hear it, honestly. And I'm not tryna play Soulja Boy, but chill. It's because of Soulja Boy that my day-to-day-the way I live, the Sonic the Hedgehog sh*t that's dead real to me is considered a joke."

No stranger to beef Soulja Boy response to Mr. Hamilton. Was pretty much to the effect, it ain't my fault no one knows you, step your game up. [Watch Here]

Oddly the fact that these two are on the same label, Interscope Records, and Hamilton happens to be Jimmy Iovine's latest pet project, caused some to speculate that the beef was fixed. [Read This]

Fixed or not, I know Charles Hamilton better chiil out, Soulja Boy will probably be his boss one day. Put aside the music, it is what it is, but anyone who hates on Soulja Boy is either young and dumb or old and bitter. Let's appreciate what the kid is doing at 17. Where do ya'll think Soulja Boy's career will be in 10 years? Boss or lost?

4. No Joke

Ok, we all know that Kat Williams has been having a rough go lately, but dude is starting to act like he took a tote of that ish Dave Chapelle was smoking when he canceled "The Chapelle's Show." Not that Kat is turning down $25 million, but he is talking about doing something just as ridiculous, retiring from comedy to focus on his rap career. Now ain't that some crazy sh*t? [Watch Here]

Kat plans to record music with Dipset and his Kat Pack Records. He even had a few choice words for Jermaine Dupri.

"I have enough qualified and amazing artists that will be anything to any of these labels. So So Def will have to shut down, they don't even have any artist. Da Brat is in jail, I went to go see her myself and JD has not gone to see her yet... Brat did not do anything but have your back since the whole time you had So So Def. All she did was get confronted in the motherfu%*ing club, handling So So Def's business and a b*tch got out of line and she punched her and hit that B*tch with a bottle. Which, is what the f*ck she should have done. Now she is doing 3 years in the real penitentiary with motherf%*cking murders, rapist and sick motherf%*kers who severed their family."

Alright, dude is definitely smoking that sh*t. Don't know if he had a supply man in the mental joint, but a pimp done lot his mind. Usually when you beat a b*tch with a bottle "real penitentiary" is where you go. However, if he's correct about JD that's messed up on Mr Dupri's part.

5. Rubbing It In

Yung Berg's Transformer chain made a special appearance at an Atlanta club this week, as Trick Trick, its new owner, brought it out on tour with him. ATLstatus.com caught up with the Detroit rapper and his special guest. [Peep Here]

LOL. At this point all Yung Berg can do is just sit and wait for dude to get tried of clowning him. Or he might have to wait for his moment like Red did to Deebo in Friday. Wait for someone to knock Trick Trick out (hypothetically speaking Mr. Trick Trick) and snatch his chain back. Poor guy. Hopefully the news gets better for him next week.

Until then, ya'll can hit me up at [email protected] for a healthy back and forth. Last week's T.I./Jay-Z debate was intense. This week I'm wondering where Soulja Boy's career will be in ten years.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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