Hot Press: Hot Press Year In Review: T-Pain Is The '08 Ringleader, Beyonce Is Queen, Usher Couldn't Measure Up & Janet Had A Sick Year

Wednesday, Dec 17, 2008 11:59AM

Written by Soul Rebel

Beyonce and T-Pain

With '09 right around the corner, it's time to take a look back at the artists who made the press hot this year and the ones seriously in danger of losing their spot in the one to come.


AutoTune Up
When T-Pain hit the scene three years ago, who'd have ever guessed the world would get 'Sprung' off the self-proclaimed Nappy Boy rappa-ternt-sanga? In 2008, even if you somehow missed one of the dozen songs he collaborated on, there was no avoiding his influence, thanks to Kanye West, Diddy and even The Financial Times singing his praises for re-introducing the music industry to AutoTune.

Rebel Talking... While his talents can't be ignored or denied, let's hope T-Painful's antics don't leave the music industry too "Chopped and Skrewed" in 2009.
Bonnie & Clyde Carter
He liked it and he put a ring on it. Jay-Z and Beyonce spent most of the year avoiding talk about the wedding they only recently confirmed. And they focused their efforts on stacking chips - an estimated $162 million, making them Hollywood's richest couple if you believe Forbes.

Jay-Z and Beyonce

This year's accomplishments include selling out arenas nationwide with Mary J. Blige for him and another #1 record and dream film role for her - clearly the newlywed sex is having a great effect!

Rebel Talking... As long as Sasha Fierce has Bey's back in the bedroom, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can forget that hottest couple spot.

The Hottest-Coldest Winter
He lost his mother and his girl, but Kanye West channeled his pain into changing lanes, merging his popular brand of Emo rap with 808s and AutoTuned electro-pop. 2008 saw Kanye lose the chip on his shoulder and go where no rapper has gone before - at least not alone -word to The Love Below.

Kanye West

Despite the critical acclaim and half million copies of 808s and Heartbreaks sold (in under a month!) Kanye has raised the stakes even higher by threatening to take a break from music to take up a fashion internship in London.

Rebel Talking... It's so "Amazin'" he finally lost his ego, but I doubt even Louis V could tear Kanye him from his SP.

Bad Girl Gone Big
It took three albums for Rihanna's star to fully rise, but now that she's finally here, she's showing no sign of slowing down. After single-handedly inspiring the latest movement in short and sexy haircuts, Rihanna, along with plenty of lace, leather and tattooes, finally got her edge by making hits out of a whopping eight singles off Good Girl Gone Bad. Coupled with her rumored relationship with R&B golden boy Chris Brown and new gig as Gucci spokesmodel, the success of this Bajan beauty left the whole world wondering who'd want to be good anyway?

Rebel Talking... As long as she keeps an "Umbrella" handy and manages to steer clear of paparazzi lawsuits, Rihanna should have no problem keeping more than $20,000 in her bank account in '09.

While you were wondering whether Janet Jackson is pregnant or just trying to get over losing her label and a lackluster comeback tour, we're hoping that after a year filled with health scares, Amy Winehouse divorces her addiction along with her husband and "confessing" our hope that Usher's new son Naviyd inspires a better album than Here I Stand.

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