News: Daddy Yankee Rap Collaborator Accused Of Killing Man

Wednesday, Dec 31, 2008 9:09AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Reggaeton star El Lapiz has reportedly been accused of a hit-and-run accident which ultimately killed a man in Santo Domingo.

According to Dominican Today, the rapper was allegedly driving an all-terrain vehicle early December and hit citizen Adriano Martinez Gonzalez. Upon leaving the scene, the victim was later taken to a Santo Domingo hospital where he passed away from the vehicle's impact.

Gonzalez's son, Michael Ariel, is accusing the rapper of his father's death but Lapiz has yet to be taken in for questioning or served with an arrest warrant.

The fatal accident took place Sunday, December 7 2008.

Lapiz is popular throughout the Domincian Republic for his controversial subject involved in his musc and is known for collaborations with established artists including Grammy winning rapper Daddy Yankee, Residente Calle 13 and Hector El Father.

A rep for the Lapiz was unavailable as of press time.

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