: SOHH Exclusive: Hip-Hop Heavyweights Pray For An Obama Win, Reveal Election Night Plans [Video]

Tuesday, Nov 4, 2008 3:19PM

Written by Dancia Dow

Barack Obama

Today people around the country will be casting their votes for the 2008 presidential election. SOHH asked some of hip-hop's biggest stars, including Fat Joe, Scarface, Q-Tip and Bun B to divulge their plans for today's historic Election Day.

"I'm gonna be voting and encouraging all my friends to vote," Fat Joe told SOHH. "I'm voting for Barack Obama." Most celebs agreed that they'd be hitting the polls and anxiously awaiting the results but they have various strategies for weathering the wait.

"I'm gonna vote and go hide 'cause boy when Obama win, it's gon' hit the fan," former Geto Boys member Scarface said.

Washington, DC rapper, Wale said that he'd be passing the time praying or, in the event of a John McCain win, getting ready to take all of his money out of the bank.

Q-Tip, whose new album, The Renaissance, hit stores today is planning a party in New York City where he and his special invited guests will watch the results, celebrate his album release and "hopefully celebrate a Barack Obama win."

Others will be playing it a bit more low key. Former New York Giant, Michael Strahan, told SOHH that he'd be watching the count from the comfort of his home. "I'm gonna be watching the election at home in front of the big screen in the theater or something [with] popcorn [and] drinks," he said.

"I'll be sitting in my house praying that that man [Obama] get all the votes that people give him and that they don't try to kill the election for him one way or another, " Bun B said. " I'm sure they got their exit strategy already put together so I just hope they let him win it fair and square."

For Terror Squad leader Joey Crack, an Obama victory is essential to restoring his faith in the United States of America. "I feel like, this country, if we don't elect him President, I might just move somewhere, South America or something," he said. "I cant take this country and the way it's going."

Either way the election goes, according to Michael Strahan, it will be a monumental night. "You're either going to have a Black President or a female Vice President so history will be made either way it goes," he said. "It's going to be exciting."

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