Exclusive: The Alchemist Explains Why He's Called "Muffler Lung"

Tuesday, Nov 18, 2008 5:20PM

Written by Danica Dow

The Alchemist


It's been four years since he dropped his debut album but today The Alchemist released a brand new EP.  In this SOHH exclusive we talk to the famed hip-hop producer about his experience on Method Man and Redman's "Still High" Tour, his extreme lung capacity and the digital-only release of The Alchemist's Cookbook.

Alchemist and his childhood friend, Evidence of Dilated Peoples just ended a run on Meth and Red's Still High tour.  According to Alchemist, he and Ev were "the scrubs of the tour," but they still managed to pull of a memorable moment by bringing Cypress Hill front man B-Real out at their final show.

"Once we got to LA we were like 'we gotta pull a stunt.'  So we called B-Real and brought him out," Alc told SOHH.  "It was crazy. He rolled up some ridiculous looking joint I've never seen before.  We couldn't have brought anybody better on the 'Still High' tour."

Though Alchemist boasts of having extreme lung capacity he admits the he can't compete with B-Real when it comes to his marijuana smoking ability.  "I'm known as Muffler Lung but I would have to give it to B-Real," he said. "Me and Evidence combined, we couldn't step to the master. B-Real wins hands down. I'm close though."

Alchemist's long-time friend and collaborator, Prodigy of Mobb Deep blessed him with the Muffler Lung moniker back in the day.  Though P is currently serving a three and a half year sentence he and the hip-hop producer are still tight.  "We send letters and I go to see him as much as i can," said Alc.  "He's doing good.  He's getting bigger.  He looks like he's been doing push up and pull ups.  He's doing actually better than ever."

Prodigy is among the many featured guests that appear on Alchemist's new EP, The Alchemist Cookbook which was released on iTunes today.  As SOHH previously reported the project features guest appearances from some of hip-hop's biggest names including Styles P, Talib Kweli, Kid CuDi, Nina Sky, Capone-N-Noreaga, Evidence, Blu and Keak Da Sneak.

Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss and Pusha T are all featured on lead single, "Lose Your Life."  "I kinda had it in the preservative jar for maybe a year or two now," Alchemist revealed.  "It bursted out of the jar.  I was gonna try to save the record but i felt like it was time for it."

The animated video for "Lose Your Life" hit the internet yesterday.  Alchemist said he put a lot of time and energy into the video and is pleased with the final result.  "The video for the song is like one of my favorite things i've ever done.  I'm excited about it.  To have my own cartoon is kinda cool," he said.  "Having this EP out and the video out helps because everybody gets to see the movement and what I'm doing."

But as excited as he is about this release, The Alchemist is quick to point out that he's just warming up for his second full-length solo album, Chemical Warfare which will drop on Koch Records in February of 2009.

"This is kinda like an appetizer for Chemical Warfare," he explained.  "If people like this they know what they can expect on the album.  I've saved a lot of joints [for the album] that are bigger and stronger in my opinion."

The Alchemist's Cookbook is available now exclusively on iTunes. 

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