Pulse Report: Lil' Wayne Is A MAD Man, Kanye "Pops" Off At The Mouth, 50 Cent Trumped By The Donald, Dame Dash - A "Chronic" Liar

Friday, Nov 14, 2008 9:23AM

Written by Archie Fucque

Lil' Wayne & Kanye West

In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about Lil' Wayne throwing a few curve balls before the release of "Dedication 3," Dame Dash co-signing Jim Jones' next album as a classic like Reasonable Doubt, Donald Trump serving 50 Cent a dose of reality,Tony Yayo putting out a warning to Young Buck and The Game and Kanye West relishing the underdog role.

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1. Mad Timing. It was a helluva week for Lil' Wayne. The self-proclaimed "Best Rapper Alive" made history on a few fronts and delayed it on others. First, Weezy was blessed with the distinguished honor of having Mad magazine dub his likeness for the cover of their November issue. [Peep it here]. That's right, Mad's mascot Alfred E. Neuman got all tatted up and iced out to look just like Weezy. Then, Birdman Jr., hit up the Country Music Awards to perform (and I use that term loosely) with Kid Rock. If you tuned in you got to see Wayne play air guitar and not utter a single word.

Weird, but we gotta give the white folks credit for believing in this change thing. A black president and a rapper on the CMAs, that's a lot to give up in two weeks.

More importantly, Wayne and DJ Drama were supposed to drop the Dedication 3 mixtape yesterday, but it never came out. No word as to why, but word is it's going to be the best one yet. We'll see.

Back to the Mad magazine thing for a sec. If you're into Mad you know they don't f*ck with rappers too tough. So in honor of Weezy's achievement I decided to borrow a page from Mad. Their annual January issue "Mad 20: 20 Dumbest, People, Things, Events" is coming up real soon, so I'll get a jump on it and give you my "10 Dumbest People Things, Events in Hip-Hop 2008". Here we go.

10. Daddy Yankee - Better luck next time Jose El Plomero.

9. Scarfy - Designer scarves worn as hoodies. And you wonder why they say hip-hop is gay.

8. Shawty Lo - Those videos sure did hurt T.I.'s career. Good job Carlos.

7. 50 Cent House Fire - There had to be a better way to get her out.

6. The L.A. Times trying to frame Diddy and Jimmy Henchmen for Tupac's murder.

5. Suge Knight - Had to make this list after getting knocked senseless.

4. "Arab Money" - Could a song be any more racist and untrue. Somebody tell Busta, Arafat is dead.

3. Rick Ross - Liar, Liar, C.O. pants on fire.

2. Swagger - The overuse of the word is abusive.

1. Yung Berg - Big chain, no security gets you robbed. Big mouth, no security gets you slapped.

2. Lost One. It's been four years since Dame Dash and Jay-Z broke up, but it appears Dame still isn't all the way over the split. In an interview with New York magazine Dame took a subtle swipe at Jay by offering the highest compliment to Jim Jones' next album Pray IV Reign.

"If you come down and listen to his album [Pray IV Reign], and I'm not sure if I'm too close to the music or the project, but sh*t sounds like a classic. I'm a make a bold statement and put it in the same league as Reasonable Doubt and The Chronic."

Dame, are you serious? I haven't heard a song, a lyric or a beat from this album and I know Jim Jones doesn't have a brain cell in his body that could begin to deliver an ounce of what Jay-Z gave us on Reasonable Doubt. In saying something so outrageous, you pretty much disgraced your greatest musical achievement.

As if that wasn't crazy enough Dame added this:

"I don't know if it's a coincidence, but it seemed like the day I stopped doing music was the day the music business went down, not to sound arrogant or cocky."

Yeah that's true, and what we need you to do to save music is team up with Jim Jones and Dipset. Right. We get it. Thanks Dame. This is probably going to do for music what your Pro Ked sneakers did for the sneaker game. Can't wait!

3. Trump-ed. Donald Trump considers 50 Cent a friend, sort of. So the well-coiffed billionaire felt it his duty to offer his advise to a friend. In an interview with New York news station NY1, Trump gave 50 a dose of reality when it came to his new reality show "The Money And The Power." [Watch here]

"I'm in many, many rappers' songs. And I know them. 50 Cent is sort of a friend of mine. I mean, he likes me. He just did a show, it was a copy of 'The Apprentice.' It will fail because he's not Trump, but he's actually a nice guy."

Ouch. With "sort of" friends like that, who needs enemies?

4. Terminate On Sight. Speaking of enemies, 50's capo Tony Yayo just laid down a declaration of war on G-Unit outcasts Young Buck and The Game. During an interview with DJ Kay Slay on Shade 45 radio, Yayo boasted that he plans to initiate physical contact with his former group members the next time he bumps into them.

"This n*iggas is soft to me, and irrelevant to me. Put it like this, if we see each other, I guarantee it'll make the newspaper. If I bump heads with [Young] Buck or Game, I guarantee it's gonna make the newspaper. Believe that. It's not gonna be no ifs, ands, or maybes. It's just gonna be movies made."

"I know n*ggas ain't tough. When n*ggas start disrespecting me, telling me to suck they d*ck and f*ggot, talking sh*t about my moms. I don't play that."

I know I said last week that the B.P.D (Black President Doctrine) prohibits any rap beefs until 2012, but this right here is more than rap beef. I'd put in for a presidential pardon on this one. As long as no one dies, I'd like to see Yayo and Young Buck and/or The Game scrap it out for the right to wear the crown of "the most relevant irrelevant dude under 50 Cent's wing." Maybe Lloyd Banks could join in for a tag-team steel cage match.

5. Going For The Upset. With the release of his fourth album, 808s & Heartbreak, 11 days away, Kanye West is feeding off the non-believers. He's relishing the role of underdog. In a sit down with Fader magazine, which he's on the cover for, Ye told the mag leaving rap to become the world's newest pop star is something he's looking forward to.

"They asked me what genre to put it under. I was like, Put it under pop, because I'll wear that. I love wearing a label that people think is uncool. Because it's like, is it not good music now? Music is special to people, so they hold it really tight to themselves."

And he's not even considering retirement. He's got world domination on the brain.

"I can't foresee myself not wanting to make music. What was so great about this album was at any given time, I could just Superman in the booth and pull out arguably the best rapper in the world. Is this the final frontier of music? I would think its not quite conquered yet, there's still a ways to go...

"Arguably the best rapper in the world." Really? Is Kanye West that dope? Top 5 MC? I've had the Kanye is dope argument, but never the Kanye is the best debate. Is it time for us to have that discussion?

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[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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