Hot Press: Beyonce Learned Her Lesson, Michael Jackson's Money Problems Revealed, Kanye Is "Very Confident," Whitney Houston Hides Her Funds

Wednesday, Nov 26, 2008 10:41AM

Written by SOHH Soul Rebel

Michael Jackson & Beyonce

Hot off the press this week Michael Jackson is the Prince of Paupers, Beyonce got it from her Mama, Kanye can't stop believing in himself and Whitney Houston won't share.

King of Debt

Michael Jackson's finances have been under the media microscope this week thanks largely to the lawsuit levied by a Bahraini Sheik he has recently settled. On Monday (November 24)  UK's Daily Mail published an in-depth look at Mike's money troubles that drew gossip guru Perez Hilton to dub MJ as a "millionaire living like a billionaire". Just a few of Jacko's ultra-expensive habits are listed below:

- Visits to a "brain guru" for $300,000, ice cream, $400 of Body Shop lotions, toys and a Ferrari, all paid for by the Sheik.

- $135,000 on bills

- $2.2 million on legal fees

- Staff salaries at $4 million a year

- $1.2 million yearly to children Paris' and Prince's biological mother Debbie Rowe

- Living expenses and care for the children's nanny, Grace Rwaramba, whom they call mom, who suffers from lupus

- $61,000 for cream to treat his "vitiligo" (skin condition)

- $25 million to the family of the boy who accused him of molestation

- $3 million a year to maintain Neverland and its staff...which he no longer possesses the deeds to

- During his trial in Santa Barbara in 2005, it was said that Jackson was spending about $30 million more than he was making

Rebel Talking... Michael needs to suck it up and either finish that album he's been working on the last three years or make nice with Jermaine and the rest of his brothers and go on tour before he's too old and frail to moonwalk anymore.

Parent Trap

In a recent interview with Giant magazine, Beyonce says her parents prepared her for the hard work of marriage. She says she doesn't have a fantasy view of marriage because she's seen her parents, Matthew and Tina Knowles, struggle but stick through it.

"My parents are tighter now than ever, but they've been through it all," Beyonce explained. "There were times when they were together, times when they were apart. I learned that it's a lot of hard work, that it's more than a dress."

Rebel Talking... If Bey stays away from her mom's red lipstick and tacky taste in clothing she might not have half the marital problems her parents did. Just sayin'!

Artsy Fartsy

The critical response to Kanye West's fourth album 808s & Heartbreak has been good so far, but Kanye has already adopted an attitude to fend off the opinions of those who don't recognize his new sound for the "great art" it is.

"You know people sometimes don't understand great art when they first hear it, but I am very confident in it," Kanye told the Associated Press. "Whether it sells as much as the last one, or way more, I feel like I am just successful in doing something I felt really good about."

Rebel Talking... I can't wait to hear this dude's verse on the remix of Beyonce's song "Ego," hopefully he'll leave the auto tune at home for that one though.

Nippy Tucked

TMZ's been talking about Whitney Houston hiding away the funds left to her by her dad's insurance policy from her stepmother.

"According to a lawsuit filed by Barbara Houston back in May, Whtney was the beneficiary of her departed dad's $1 million life insurance policy, but the money was earmarked to pay off a mortgage on her dad's apartment -- Barbara says she was supposed to get the remaining proceeds as well as title to the property. Stepmama says she hasn't gotten bubkiss from Whitney.... In true Whitney fashion -- she denies everything."

Rebel Talking... I guess "My Love is Your Love" but when it comes to money, Whitney's stepmom can take her ass to "Heartbreak Hotel."

While you were wondering what dirt T-Pain got on Diddy to make him kiss his ass so hard, we were amazed at how easily Ellen got Beyonce to talk about Hov and I was trying to learn Portuguese so I could figure out WTF happened to Kelis and Nas in Brazil.

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