Pulse Report: Jim Jones Declares The Death Of The N-Word, Shawty Lo "Ain't Lil' Flip," 50 Cent Sticks It To Pinky, Eminem "Stans" Out

Friday, Nov 28, 2008 5:30AM

Written by Archie Fucque

T.I. & Jim Jones

In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about Jim Jones burying the "N-word" for Obama, T.I. & Shawty Lo ending their truce with a bang, 50 Cent thinking of new ways to sell records, Eminem penning a new "Stan," and Shawnna auditioning for a new gig.

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1. Things Done Changed. After all the years of heated debates surrounding the use of the N-word in hip-hop, the most unlikely personality has stepped up with a feasible solution. Jim Jones is pushing a plan to substitute the N-word with Obama and the B-word with Michelle in hip-hop lingo. The Harlem rapper revealed his N-word agenda to the SOHH news department during a sit-down where he touched on other topics including Kanye West and T.I.

On using "Obama" instead of the N-word and "Michelle" instead of b*tch:

"Shouts to all my Obamas, the niggas is out the Obamas is in. The bitches is out and the Michelles is in. So if you're lady gets you mad you say, 'Michelle you betta get out of here before I slap the thunder out of you.' Nah, let me stop playing but that's how we doing it this year we tryna switich up the f*cked up language we been saying for the past few years. It's actually been catching on a little bit I was on the radio yesterday and I heard somebody saying that and I was like, 'Wow thats be a great thing if we could call each other Obama instead of nigga."

On being misquoted in Complex - saying he would beat Kanye up for a beat:

"What was the quote in the Complex because I think they misquoted me. That's f*cked up man, I was making a joke. When you type that shit in it don't look like a joke. They forgot to put a couple of laughs. Complex was trying to sell a magazine. That's their job and shit like that but for the most part I'd be looking a bit like a bully if I wanted to do something to Kanye. Kanye is a talented, strange individual. I fuck with him though. He's cuckoo fly."

On T.I.'s Crimestopper PSA:

"It depends on how influential you think TI is to the hood. The crimestoppers PAs might be good in the suburban communities, a bunch of white kids but that shit aint affecting no niggas in the hood. They dont want to hear that shit. They looking at you like you tryna kick knowledge n*gga? N*ggas gotta eat. We need something better than that.' And that's not a shot at nobody. At least he's taking a step. He got sh*t he gotta do that coincides with with what went on in his life and shit like that so it does make sense for him to do that."

Wow. Who would have thunk it? Jim Jones a true proponent for change. Props to him for doing this. Now if he could only do something about dudes wearing these suspect ass scarves.

2. Down & Dirty. The on again/off again feud between T.I. and Shawty Lo is officially back on. While the two Bankhead rappers didn't physically touch one another, members of their respective camps made a mess of the aptly titled Dirty Awards in Atlanta. Leading the charge for T.I.'s Grand Hustle crew was Alfamega. The brolic rapper mixed it up with everyone, including the police, during two rounds of fights. And he seemed to be enjoying it. [Watch here]

It was reported that T.I. and Lo tried to work things out backstage after the initial confrontation, but that peace offering was short lived. During his acceptance speech for the Humanitarian Award T.I. had this to say [Listen Here], which might have lead to a second round of fisticuffs that allegedly left one member (his brother) of Shawty Lo's camp taking a carpet nap.

Both Shawty Lo and Alfamega discussed the situation with MTV news:

"...[Me and Tip's conversation] ended on a positive note with the conversation," lo said. "I don't know where he is [with the beef]. I guess he just be talking. One thing about it, Shawty Lo ain't no punk. T.I. is just a rapper. He knows how to read a book good. Where I live is for real. I ain't got nothing against holmes. He's got family, I got family. I'm not trying to kill him, he's not trying to kill me. I got fans that love me. He's not not gonna run all over me. I ain't Lil' Flip."

Alfamega issued an explanation and an apology:

"What happened with me -- Tip had nothing to do with that. It just happened. They was performing the song, I was like, 'Let's have fun.' I start dancing. I'm feeling good. That's my boy, Yung L.A., he made it. I get on top of the table, Shawty gets on the table. Shawty fakes like he's gonna throw a drink on me. By then I stepped down."

"I embarrassed, y'all. Certain people were subjected to the pepper spray. By them trying to spray me, that lingering fumes got other people. I'm embarrassed by the whole situation."

SMH. Now does this fracas/knockout constitute the type of offense that warrants a call to Crimestoppers? I just want to make sure. What was that number again? The fact that Shawty Lo is ready to die for the right not to be compared to Lil' Flip makes me laugh.

3. Shorty Wanna Ride. Since he's not busy promoting his upcoming album Before I Self Destruct, 50 Cent spends a good chuck of his day talking it up on G-Unit radio. The Queens MC did his best Petey Greene impersonation as he dominated the airwaves for over an hour, touching on everything from the letdown of booting Young Buck out of G-Unit to contemplating a sexual proposition from porn star Pinky, to having a good laugh with Bow Wow at Ciara's expense.


Talking to Jadakiss about J-Hood's beef with D-Block, 50 revealed that Buck turning on the crew changed how he conducts his business.

"If you have good intentions for somebody nuthin but good intentions and to have them turn around with the f*ck you sh*t it makes me hesitant to commit to the next artist."

Later, Fif received an offer most men can't refuse. Porn star Pinky offered her services to 50 for a blockbuster video. Ever the businessman 50 thought out the pros of such an explicit union.

"We be the #1 celebrity sex tape. Shit won't do nothing but raise my record sales."

I'll pass on watching the porn tape, but since no one is really checking for another 50 Cent album, dude might want to get a jump on his radio career. He's a naturally engaging guy who is currently far more entertaining talking ish on radio than making music for radio.

4. On STAN-by. Whenever an artist is being vague about an upcoming project, just hold your questions until a producer comes along. Timbaland/Jay-Z. Polow Da Don/ Usher. For some reason producers are ready and willing to divulge information most artist won't. Add Swizz Beatz to that list. During a chat with MTV, the platinum selling beatsmith gave up the goods on some of the things we can expect to hear on Emenim's upcoming album Relapse.

Swizz talked about submitting tracks to Em, and the one he's most excited about is the one he refers to as Stan Part 2.

"Stan Part 2." "You know how 'Stan' ... was the big [song]?" Swizz asked, referring to the obsessed-fan track which sampled Dido's "Thank You." "So I worked on part 2, and I think it was, like, totally genius."

There's something for you Stans to really cheer about. It's been 8 years in the making, but Em has finally penned another dedication for you.

5. Shaking Things Up. Its been awhile, but DTP's first lady Shawnna has resurfaced on the scene and is selling herself from a totally different angle. The rapid-fire rapstress joined Ludacris for a star-studded album release party in New York and its safe to say her hot sixteen wasn't the only thing making waves.



Damn! Shawnna keeps performing like that and she may never have to write another rap song in her life. Makes me wonder of all the female MCs out there, who really keeps it poppin' like they say. Trina? Lil' Kim? Foxy? Jackie-O? What ya'll say?

That's all from me folks. Hit me up at [email protected] let me know which female MC lives up to the hype in the bedroom.


[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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