New York: Jay-Z, Common & Busta Rhymes Record Tracks Celebrating Obama's Victory

Thursday, Nov 6, 2008 11:35AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne


Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes and Common have each hit the vocal booths to unveil their own personal victory songs for the new President-elect, Barack Obama

In a new track called "History," Jigga wastes no time in using the chorus to set the tone for a long-awaited win and goal finally reached.

"Now that all the smoke is gone/And the battles finally won/Victory is finally ours/History, so long, so long/So long, so long." [Listen Here ]

Known for his clever usage of metaphors, Jay compares Obama's victory to his yearning and frustration over a woman.

"Until she visit me/I'll be stuck with her sister her name is defeat/she gives me agony/I'm stuck in this routine/whole new different day/same old thing/all I got is dreams/nobody else could see/nobody else believes/nobody else but me/Where are you victory/I need you desperately/not just for the moment, to make history."

The song, which debuted on Angie Martinez's Hot 97 radio show in New York City, comes after months of Jay's personal endorsement of Obama at concerts, rallies with fans throughout the nation and exclusive Obama benefit shows

Fellow New York rapper Busta joined the celebration with his "Pop Champagne - Barack Campaign" remix, offering a politically themed version of Ron Browz's hit.

"See we voted for a change/and now we made it/No disrespect to McCain or Palin," Browz sings on the chorus. "We rocked the vote/now we celebrating/President Barack with VP Biden." [Listen Here ]

Speaking on the excitement he had while voters were just waking up on Election Day, Busta lets fans know how fast he rushed to the booths.

"We celebrating this Barack win," Busta raps. "And I heard a voice calling/While everybody was yawning/ I was up and I was roaring/ I voted seven this morning." 

Chi-town's own, Common, also made his voice heard via the Obama inspried track "Changes." Beofre cutting to an excerpt from the Illinois Senator's acceptance speech, listeners can hear a child express the powerful force of change.

"Change is inevitable. You can't stop it. Change is happening in everybody's life. Change is like a furious hurricane that you can't stop." [Listen Here ]

Joined by Talib Kweli in his hometown of Chicago during an event on Election Night, Common expressed what Barack's win means for future generations.

"We gonna see a black family playing on the lawn of the White House," Common told a crowd. "My daughter believes she can be the next president. Right now she believes that. Two years ago she wanted to be a dancer. Now she wants to be in politics."

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