Pulse Report: Lupe Still Talkin' Ish About Obama, The Game "Dont Like Cocky Rappers" Like Jay-Z, Kanye Gets Animated On 50 Cent, Ludacris Prepares For "Heartbreak"

Friday, Nov 7, 2008 9:55AM

Written by Archie Fucque

Lupe Fiasco and The Game

In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about Lupe Fiasco raining on Barack Obama's party, The Game's love/hate relationship with Jay-Z, Kanye West one upping 50 Cent again and Ludacris setting the stage for a SoundScan battle with the Louis Vuitton Don.

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1. Party Pooper. Something that spoils or ruins an otherwise enjoyable event, esp. when in relation to ruining a drunken or drug-induced high.

That's the urban dictionary's definition of buzzkill. Right next to that meaning is a picture of Lupe Fiasco. While most of the world is sky high off Barack Obama's historic election, leave it to Lupe to ruin the moment with a needless statement. In an interview with Big Tigger on D.C. radio station 95.5, the killjoy rapper said he wasn't impressed with Obama's acceptance speech.

"I'll be honest and I'll probably catch flack for this, the acceptance speech from Barack Obama last night it didn't move me at all." [Listen Here]

President-elect Obama's words were powerful enough to move Jay-Z, and a whole host of other rappers, but not enough for Mr. Cool. Instead the Chi-town rapper was extra touched by the tears of another political elder.

"What moved me was when they showed Jesse Jackson. Jesse Jackson was bawling. He was crying to the point, the feelings and emotions that came out of that was those was the tears of Martin Luther King, Jr., Those were the tears of Malcolm X. He was the representative out there who went through the struggle."

To be fair, I'll agree with Mr. Cool that the speech wasn't the best I've seen from Obama, but did he have to point it out right now. Just enjoy the moment, dude.

Messy Jesse was crying because he was overwhelmed by the moment, we all were. There was no need for a memorable earth-shattering speech, the moment was unforgettable enough. But don't' worry Mr. Cool, he'll have four years to make it up to you. Hopefully, by then you'll have made an album that "moves" us to believe you're not just a slightly over hyped rapper from Chicago.

2. Fan or Foe. On the heels of Jim Jones being exposed as a Jay-Z stan, The Game revealed why its okay to love Jay and hate him at the same time. During a taping of "The Parker Report," set to air at a later date, the Cali king expressed the reason he's always had a tumultuous relationship with the Brooklyn rapper.

"I grew up listening to hip-hop and I was influenced by the music, I like some music of homey's. I like Jay-Z's music, if anybody says they didn't like a song or two that he put out they'd be lying. But that don't mean you got to be friends with him or really admire the man. He's just a man like me..."

"I don't really like cocky rappers," he added. "I'm not a cocky rapper I'm not like these dudes."

Jim Jones
, Lil' Wayne, and The Game; Jay-Z really needs to work on his people skills with the younger generation that looks up to him. Actually, I take that back. Shawn Carter needs to work on his people skills. After reading one of the comments last week, I think I get it. Everyone loves Jay-Z, but no one likes Shawn Carter.

3. Catch Me If You Can
. New videos from hip-hop heavyweights Kanye West and 50 Cent hit the net this week and Ye got the better of Fif once again. With both giants ready to drop fourth quarter albums, 808s & Heartbreak and Before I Self Destruct respectively, the visual roll out has stepped up. Kanye Went an artsy-animated vibe for his second single "Heartless." [Watch Here] while 50 went with a rugged Mad Max, I Am Legend type feel for his first single "Get Up" [Watch Here].

After watching both these videos, I think there is no question the careers of Kanye West and 50 Cent are going in two different directions. Kanye's video just seemed fresher, while 50's had that "been there done that" appeal. Kanye is on the verge of transcending hip-hop, while 50 looks stuck trying to recapture that Get Rich...success. I know 50 already said we shouldn't compare him and Kanye being that they are two totally different artists and I agree. Kanye's stock is up. 50's is going down.

4. Friendly Competition. Since there won't be another epic SoundScan showdown between Fiddy and Kanye, Ludacris is stepping up as a viable contender for Mr. West. The ATL rapper plans to drop his sixth album Theater of The Mind on November 25th, same as West's 808 & Heartbreak.

"For real, it's gonna be two great albums and I think what [Kanye] is doing is inspiring," Luda told MTV. "People are looking for something new. From the songs I heard from him, I thought that's just what he was doing -- new and interesting."

Not sure what the angle is on this one, but I'm certain someone is going to come out of this one with very hurt feelings. Maybe Luda or the folks over at Def Jam aren't paying attention but there happens to be a recession going on. Do they really think that fans are going to come out of pocket for two albums on the same day? Not likely.

Honestly there are a few factors working against Luda here. Kanye West is clearly the bigger star, and 808 clearly has the edge over Theater when it comes to anticipation. If you've heard one Ludacris album, you've heard'em all. Hopefully he's not trippin' on record sales, now that he's cashing them Hollywood checks. Matter a fact; I'm predicting that Kanye will sell 800,000 first week, while Luda does 300,000. Who wants to put a wager that?

5. Back At It. Apparently Shawty Lo isn't big enough to let bygones be bygones with T.I. The miniature MC is back at odds with the self-proclaimed "King Of The South." In an interview with Streetcred.com, which is Tip's website, Lo explains why things have soured between the two again.

"Well you know I was going to let it go. His people reached out to me. 'We want to dead it' they say but they still put the video ("What's Up, What's Haapnin'") out there. They said it was already done and they had no control of it. They said they weren't tyring to push the video and to not respond. So I sat down for a minute and didn't respond. But then I heard him talking in an interview. I said f*ck it I'm not just about to let anybody say anything."

He also wants to make it clear that he doesn't plan on going away.

"As long as they keep it poppin' I'm going to keep it poppin'," he continued. "It ain't no real beef. It ain't like he want to tussle. It ain't nothing to me. I'm making my music, I'm not really going to waste my time on it. I'm making my music and I guess he wants to kill me musically. He doesn't want Shawty Lo to exist. But I do exist and I'm not going anywhere. I exist.

Ok, this dude obviously didn't get the memo. We have a black president, homie! By way of the Black President Doctrine (B.P.D) there is now a four-year ban on rap beefs. Ya'll can't be out here acting a fool, messing it up for the rest of us. Grant it, Barack doesn't become official until January, ya'll have two months to air ya'll grievances. After that whatever issues you and Clifford have ya'll put that on hold until 2012.

That's all from me folks. Hit me up at [email protected]

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[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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