Exclusive: Naughty By Nature Plot Return, "We Decided To Work On An Album Before The Honors"

Wednesday, Oct 8, 2008 4:28PM

Written by Danica Dow


Naughty By Nature

In this exclusive we talk to VH1 Hip-Hop Honorees, Naughty By Nature about being honored and their upcoming reunion album.


DJ Kay Gee, one third of the Grammy Award winning group, Naughty By Nature parted from the group in 2000. Though the remaining members, Vinnie and Treach released an album as a duo and have continued to tour they weren't quite able to recreate earlier success.

Since then, the group has reconciled and this summer they started working on a new album. Then they got word that they were going to receive a tribute at this year's VH1 Hip-Hop Honors.

Treach thinks that the nod speaks to the group's longevity. "You had to put a bid in for this," he told SOHH. "This ain't no one song or for the year, you had to really put your legend, your icon on for this. So, it's a beautiful thing."

"It was ironic because we decided to work on an album before the honors came about," Vinnie added. "We were like this is probably the best time to be doing the album anyway. This is a great platform to launch everything."

Though the trio from New Jersey has been under the radar in recent years they insist that they never entirely faded away. "Don't call it a come back. We been here for years," Treach said.

"We don't consider it a comeback," echoed Kay Gee, the producer of the group. "We never went no where," "The website is still up it's alive and kicking. The brand is still alive and kicking. All we doing with this new album now is injecting some new energy into it and giving peoples what they've been asking for from us."

According to Vinnie the group is about a third of the way through the recording process and they've have yet to get into the studio with other producers or artists.

"We wanted to just work as the three of us first and build the first third of the album and when we reach out to different producers and collaborators we give them a feel of where we are," he said.

Though Kay Gee will be handling the bulk of the production, he's open to working with outside beatmakers. "We welcome that," he said. "We want everybody. If you got that flavor and you know what Naughty is about and you understand the history... bring it on."

Naughty By Nature plans to release the new album, which has yet to be titled in the spring or summer of 2009.

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