Pulse Report: Lil' Wayne Cashes In, Rick Ross Finally Fesses Up, Tony Yayo Says Young Buck's Broke, Jadakiss Calls Out Kanye & Weezy?

Friday, Oct 10, 2008 10:28AM

Written by Archie Fucque

Lil' Wayne and Rick Ross

In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about Lil' Wayne getting a million dollar surprise for his birthday, Rick Ross finally copping to being a C.O., Tony Yayo exposing Young Buck's financial crisis and Jadakiss gearing up for a "tight" battle with Kanye West.

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1. Million Dollar Baby. What do you get a person who already has everything for their birthday? According to Baby, more of what they already have a bunch of.

Lil' Wayne celebrated his 26th born day in Miami and was surprised by his "Daddy" with a gift of one million dollars in cash. Clearly the uncertain economic crisis isn't affecting the Cash Money Millionaires.

Well, while we're on the topic of birthday, there are a few significant ones coming up. Let's try to come up with some gifts for those lucky folks.

1. Eminem (October 17) - A trophy case (VIBE's "Best Rapper Alive"), 8 Mile collector's edition, and the new Asher Roth mixtape. We miss you Em!

2. Nelly (November 2) - Sean John boxers, Buggin Out's original pair of stepped on Jordans from Do The Right Thing, and a one million dollar iTunes gift certificate. Wonder what albums he'll buy?

3. DMX (Decemebr 18) - A bible and a bus pass from every state in America.

2. CON-fession. The jig is up! Rick Ross finally come clean on the allegation about his past as a correction officer. After months of denying that he once worked the jails of a Florida correctional facility, the rotund rapper confessed to Don Diva magazine that it was him.

"Yes. It's me. I never tried to hide my past. I put my name inside my cds. My company has my SS#. I could've put a company name... I done been up and I done been down and that's what makes me what I am. I never ratted on a n*gga. I never prosecuted a n*gga. I never locked up a n*gga, that's first and foremost. I always felt that me being the n*gga that I am, I never owed a n*gga an explanation... When I'm making my music and I'm talking about blow, it's because I did it. When I say that I'm rich off cocaine, it's because I did it. Those are the street principals that apply."

Kudos to you Ricky for manning up. True you don't owe anyone an explanation, but why not just tell the truth to begin with and save us all this fuss over you being the fuzz. All this drama has done is prove you to be a dishonest member of the fraternity of correctional officers who take an oath to keep our penal system safe and orderly. I think you owe your co-workers an apology and should make a donation to your local Benevolent Association or something.

3. Go For Broke. Unfortunately not every rapper is living it up during these tough economic times. According to Tony Yayo his former G-Unit associate Young Buck has fallen on hard times. In an interview with Hip-Hop Game, Yayo speculates that Buck is broke as evidence by his absence on the rap scene.

"Buck has been mighty quiet. That means his dollars are getting real, real low. When a n*gga's quiet like that you know he's going through it. His chain is supposed to be on eBay and in his last interview when they asked him when he was coming out and he said you would have to ask 50 about that."

Once you're broke n*ggas ain't even your friends no more. That's why you see Buck's broke ass coming to parties. He went to Jeezy's party and he wasn't even invited, motherf*cker...

Wow. Since I'm not privy to Buck's finances I can't really say if Yayo is being truthful, but if Buck is showing up to a party uninvited that's not a good look. Maybe he should have crashed Lil' Wayne's birthday party. Or let Baby adopt him.

4. Fighting Words. J-Hood recently accused Jadakiss of not being in a fight since 1991. Well the Yonkers vet better hope he remembers how to throw the right combination for a knockout. With the pending 4th quarter release of his third solo album Kiss My Ass, the newly signed Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam artist is set to take on heavyweights Kanye West, Jay-Z and 50 Cent in a sales battle. During a sit down with OnSmash Jada expressed he is admittedly "nervous" about the fickle sales market, but he's still looking forward to duking it out with the sales Goliaths. [Watch Here]

"I feel honored to be coming out in the fourth quarter with them. I should be mentioned with all of them anyway. I'm one of them. I just ain't get my just due yet. So maybe this is what I need. Send me out on the court with the real starters. Or who America think is the real starters and let that be the testament. Let the music speck for itself...People love me because of the music. They don't love me because of tight pants or no kind of fashion statement."

Wow. Was that a dig at Kanye West? Wait there's more.

"I'm wearing my pants a lil' smaller, but I ain't wearing long johns like some of these guys I'm seeing wearing long johns. I'm bringing it down a size, not too tight just nice enough."

Long johns? Could he be referring to Lil' Wayne's questionable get-up at the VMA's?

I don't think it's a wise move to be taking lil' digs at Ye and Weezy right now. Jada should be focused on how he's going to pull off the impossible of selling substantial amounts of records among the likes of Kanye, Jay-Z, and 50 Cent.

I know I've been vilified for saying this before, but it's this inflated sense of ability that makes me consider Jada the most overrated rapper today. He has no chance of out selling any of the big name "starters" in hip-hop. Yet, he like his many minions don't accept the shortcomings of his total package. No homo. For all his lyrical ability Jada lacks the talent to make hit records. Name one post Bad Boy hit he's made other than "Why"? Just accept your role as an unsung lyrical giant and leave the numbers game to the primetime players.

5. Blast From The Past. Despite the recent spike in Yung Berg-related violence in hip-hop, rappers have been displaying an uncharacteristic show of unity amongst each other. The Game and Joe Budden are friends. Ludacris and T.I. patched things up. Even Dipset was able to have an amicable split. Unfortunately the harmonious vibes have not been able to dead the bad blood between Ja Rule and 50 Cent. In a clip shot for DJ Absolut's "Lifestyle" DVD the once chart-topping rapper took a break from obscurity to bitterly air out his nemesis. Though it is not clear when the footage was shot, the tone of the message is a familiar one. [Watch Here]

"This n*gga is one of the illest n*ggas you ever want to see. He pulled off a sham of a lifetime...This n*gga is not a street n*gga...This n*gga is some type of f*ggot."

Um, I can only hope that 50 Cent is too busy searching for his old glory to respond to this dude. Seriously, Ja is so out of touch he doesn't even know squashing beef with your rival is the new trend in hip-hop. It would be in his best interest to call a truce with Fif. Even if you honestly can't stand the dude (See: Jay-Z & Nas) you can still us the guy to jump-start a legit comeback. Now that would be the sham of a lifetime.

You don't have to take my advice on this Mr. Rule. It's your career do what you will with what's left of it. However you must stop going after Curtis. Frankly, you're starting to appear embarrassingly bitter. Suck it up!

That's all from me folks. Hit me up at [email protected] for a healthy back and forth. I know the Jada stans will be flooding my inbox with hate mail, but let's keep it civil. It's just an opinion.

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[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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