Pulse Report: Eminem "Relapses," 50 Cent Hustles MTV, Yung Berg Slaps Back At Ne-Yo, Suge Knight Back To His Old Tricks?

Friday, Oct 17, 2008 10:27AM

Written by Archie Fucque

Eminem and 50 Cent

In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about, Eminem unleashing details of his new album, 50 Cent searching for the next hip-hop mogul, Yung Berg firing back at Ne-Yo and Suge Knight still pumping fear in the hearts of some.

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1. Who Mathers Now? The natural order of things in hip-hop just moved one step closer to be thrown out of wack. (Please take a second to absorb the double entendre.) Eminem has officially released the title to his much-anticipated album. Slim Shady is calling his comeback solo set Relapse. During an interview with Shade 45 radio personalities Angela Yee and DJ Kay Slay, Em knocked down all the felonious titles that have been surfing around the net, and offered little tidbits about the album while promoting his new book The Way I Am. [Listen here]

Meanwhile Kanye West held a listening party for his new album, 808s and Heartbreak in Los Angeles this week. Word is the event was filled with naked women, booze, and music. Sounds more like an Uncle Luke video, but I'm not mad at it. Here are pictures from the event and an unmastered version of the second single "Heartless" [Watch & Listen here]

Like I said in the beginning things are about to look real different at the top of the hip-hop charts. With Em's imminent return and new music from Kanye, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre and 50, some dudes may be facing extinction. I won't even name any names; I'll let you tell. Which rappers do ya'll think will lose appeal if (and that's a considerable "if") Em regains his old status at the top and others drop hot albums? The Game? Young Jeezy? Soulja Boy? Asher Roth? Lil' Wayne? Who?

2. Reality Rap. Fans can now catch their first glimpse of 50 Cent's new reality show "The Money And The Power." The reality competition pits 14 contestants against each other in a quest to find the next hip-hop mogul. It's a battle to see if book smarts can beat out street smarts. Yeah, Yeah I know it sounds an awful lot like Dame Dash's "Ultimate Hustler" and Diddy's "I Want To Work For Diddy," but none of those shows had chain gangs and Tony Yayo. The G-Unit capo plays the "Underboss" of the competition. Watch the trailer here.

I doubt this one will make my TiVo list. Maybe if I hadn't seen Dame and Diddy's versions I'd probably give it a look. Honestly, you invest about 6 weeks of your life into these shows and the winner turns out to be some loser you never hear from again. Talk about a dead end job. The only rapper reality show I'd be down to watch is "I Love Money: The New York Rap Edition" featuring Cam'ron, Foxy Brown, Lil' Kim, DMX and other washed-up NYC rappers. It's be hosted the diabolical queen of reality TV New York and DJ Kay Slay. The grand prize would be $5 million and complete ownership of their masters. Damn these weak copy cat shows, put some real drama in it. Let's make reality TV a blood sport.

3. R&Beefing. After several dreadful defeats in the heavyweight division of rap beefs, Yung Berg is dropping down in weight class to the featherweight division of R&B. The battered Chicago rapper AKA Rodney Dangerfield ("No Respect") is now involved in a war of words with Def Jam crooner Ne-Yo. Surprisingly this is not a fight the usually chatty Berg AKA The Get Hitman started himself. During an interview with Power 106 FM radio personality Big Boy, Ne-Yo pointed out Berg as artist he would like to "three-finger slap." [Watch Here]

Unlike his most recent confrontations Berg seized on the opportunity to throw a counter-punch. He quickly delivered a video taunting the R&B singer for his "suspect" choice of style and wrote a song for one of Ne-Yo's girls that he's allegedly involved with. [Watch Here]

"Its unfortunate that so early at Big Boy in the morning you would wake up on my dick... I don't know if I'm f*cking one of your h*es or something. I don't know what's going on. It's outlandish to me...my hat is off to you cause I'm flattered. Thank you for letting me know that you listen to my music and you helping add to the million that I already did with "Da Bizness"..."

Asked for a response by MTV Ne-Yo chose to brush it off as nothing.

"Response for what?" he said about going back at Berg. "That ain't my lane, dude. I don't beef. I don't do that. That ain't my thing. I don't do dis records. I don't do beef. I don't do any of that blogs talking about cats. I don't do that. That ain't my thing. I'm a grown man. I got money to make."

LOL! Even though I would have had my money on Ne-Yo in this fight, it's still a good look for Berg that he got "Shaffer" to back down. It's clear he's learned his lesson. Downsize your chain game, don't speak recklessly to rappers to their face, and pick on someone your own size. Well that last one might be a stretch.

4. Disappearing Act. Suge Knight is back to his old tricks. Prior to being infamously "knocked the f*ck out" by Greg the Barber earlier this year, Knight made a name for himself by intimidating his rivals. Well it appears the former Death Row CEO can still pump fear in a few hearts. According to TMZ a woman that Knight allegedly beat up in a Las Vegas parking lot in late August is missing. Sources told TMZ, that Las Vegas police went to re-interview the victim and residents of her apartment building drew blanks on her whereabouts.

After such a humbling defeat Suge's got to rebuild his street cred somehow. Today it's a missing girlfriend; tomorrow he'll be hanging some unsuspecting one hit wonder rapper off the side of a balcony. Damn. Be careful out there Yung Berg. Suge is on the rampage.

That's all from me folks. Hit me up at [email protected] for a healthy back and forth. Tell me who are the rappers that might have to cal it a wrap when Em comes back.

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[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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