Hot Press: Beyonce Didn't Want Solange To Be A Singer, Diddy Follows In T-Pain's Footsteps, Aretha Franklin Upgrades Mariah Carey

Wednesday, Oct 29, 2008 10:43AM

Written by SOHH Soul Rebel

Hot off the press this week Beyonce warns Solange about industry woes, T-Pain gives Diddy a hand, Aretha covers Mariah and Fergie gets a fatty.

Diddy Bop

Press Play is old news for Sean "Diddy" Combs, who recently told InTouch Weekly about his currently untitled upcoming album, "It's electro Hip-Hop soul."

And after years of working in studios with some of the biggest producers in the industry, Diddy has a new idol.

"T-Pain gave me permission to use the vocoder, the Auto-Tune, and he showed me various tricks that nobody knows but him and myself," Combs said. "We had a great time in the studio. He's definitely an up and coming genius."

Rebel Talking... ELECTRO HIP-HOP SOUL WTF??? I don't think I want to know what kind of tricks T-Pain has been showing Diddy. Roger Troutman must be rolling over in his grave.

Big "Bodied"

Washington D.C. soul music fans who came out to see Aretha Franklinform earlier this week were in for a treat.

Aparently the Queen of Soul added her own special cover of Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body" to her set [Watch Here] and according to one critic "This was the most explicit I've ever seen her, but her raspy upper register sounded incredible on "Body's" flirty, hip verses and she milked the provocative chorus ("throw me on the floor/wrestle me around/play with me some more") for all it was worth ..."

The show didn't stop there. As if the audience needed further suggestion the heavyset music legend made a crack after her performance about the song lyrics about moving the action from the floor to the bed adding, "As far as I'm concerned, what starts on the floor stays on the floor."

Rebel Talking... LOL. Damn right Aretha, you know ain't nobody picking you up off the floor.

As"SIS"t Her

After a long career in the spotlight Beyonce now says she tried to dissuade little sister Solange from following in her footsteps.

In a recent interview with InStyle Magazine she admits "I didn't want her to go into the entertainment business. This industry involves a lot of pressure."

Still, despite trying to keep baby sis out of her shadow, Beyonce says, "I am so lucky to have her. We talk on the phone all night. I've been at all of her video shoots, even the ones that take 28 hours."

Rebel Talking... Tell the truth now, Sasha Fierce just didn't want to be outshined by Solange and her ridiculous wardrobe.

Lady Lumps

Stacy Ferguson AKA Fergie, has been asked to gain a few pounds for her role as a prostitute named Saraghina in the upcoming movie, Nine. Rehearsals are currently taking place in Britain where Fergalicious has been hard at work on her accent and her expanding waistline.

"We're filming at Shepperton Studios - it's been wonderful," she confided to the Press Association, before adding that she had been gaining weight for her role by eating a lot of fish and chips.

"I actually love (British food)," she said. "I was actually told to gain weight for the film so I've been eating everything - anything and everything. That's why I am covering up except for my legs because they never gain weight and that's the only part that never changes but everything else is covered."

Rebel Talking... Looks like Fergie's on a "roll". I feel a "Humps" remix coming on!

Yet while Jay-Z, Diddy and Mary J. Blige were endorsing Obama, we couldn't stop listening to Q-Tip's joint with Norah Jones and have continued to keep Jennifer Hudson in our prayers.

And if you didn't catch Beyonce's "Single Ladies" performance from last night's Powerhouse concert in New Jersey, you've got to see this exclusive live performance. Check the end, where she throws up The Roc sign with a twist. 

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