Pulse Report: BET Hip Hop Awards Recap, Jim Jones Comes To Broadway, Nelly Is A Knucklehead, Young Buck Gets Delusional, Superhead Exposes Benzino

Friday, Oct 24, 2008 9:44AM

Written by Archie Fucque

BET Hip Hop Awards 2008

In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about Jim Jones "playing" himself, Karrine "Superhead" Steffens threatening to expose Ray Benzino, Young Buck boasting about his next album's sales, Nelly revealing plans for a super group with Pharell, T-Pain and Akon, and the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

[Editor Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. Role Playing. When Jim Jones is not busy talking reckless about Jay-Z and others, he's actually busy working on his own career. No really. The Dipset Capo sat down with the SOHH news department to talk about his burgeoning acting career, and an upcoming role in a Broadway play. Jones told SOHH he is set to play himself (no pun intended, at least not yet) in a one man routine that covers events in his life.

"We say it's like a glorified listening session but it now has really turned into a musical, to a real live play," Jones told SOHH. "It's a one-man theatrical with characters to help me paint the picture, which is my life and things that I've been through."

Interesting. I'd like to see this. Jim Jones acting out many of the events and characters that shaped his life. Is he going to punch himself in the face when we get to the part about the Rucker Park incident? That would be funny. Watching him play out the transformation from Jay-Z fan to scorned Jay-Z stan could be a Tony Award-winning moment.

I'd much rather see a Cam'ron one man show. Cam has had way more moments than Jim. I mean he's had the "baby pool," the "Cuurrtiss" interview, and the DC drive-by where Jay-Z and Nas allegedly conspired to kill him. Plus more. If Cam doesn't do it I may produce one myself, call it What's Really Good: The Life And Times of Cam'ron Giles.

2. F U Pay Me? According to Karrine "Superhead" Steffans, Ray Benzino owes her $1,000 and she's putting him on blast for it. In a video clip from Karrine.com the infamous video vixen runs down her "sh*t list" and Benzino and Dave Mays made the cut because they haven't paid Steffens for her services. Well not that particular type of transaction, but Steffens claims she wrote an article for one of the duo's bootleg magazines and they haven't paid up yet. She's alleging that the only thing she has received in return is a nude picture of Benzino. [Watch here]

"I don't know what's going to happen to those photos but I suggest someone writes me a check for at least a thousand dollars. I know it's not a bunch of money, but it's the principal that matters. I'd rather get a thousand bucks than a picture of Benzino's penis"

Talk about dicking somebody around. Is there anyway you guys can settle this behind closed doors? We really don't need to see the outcome of this.

3. Crazy Talk. Last time we heard about Young Buck, Tony Yayo proclaimed the former G-Unit co-hort was keeping a low profile because of financial issues. It appears Buck has been missing in action because he's been hard at work on his next album The Rehab. An album he told MTV will sell a million copies in its first week. Yes, the emotional Cashville rapper is predicting huge sale numbers for his first post G-Unit solo project.

"I'm trying to get totally away from the whole G-Unit situation, period," he said. "If I can directly deal with Interscope, so be it. I only got two albums left anyway. So at this point, all I'm trying to do is fulfill what I got left with homeboy and move on. It's already understood that the relationship with me and G-Unit will never be the same, so you don't ever have to look forward to seeing me back with G-Unit. That's not my thing. I'm staying down with the streets, and the streets are staying down with me."

SMH. If I were in Buck's camp I'd be removing all sharp objects. Dude is losing it. Apparently splitting up with 50 Cent was harder than we thought. He's exhibiting all the classic signs of P.B.S (Post Break-up Syndrome). If anyone has been in a bad break-up they know what it is.

1. Begging & Pleading - "I don't want to be dismembered. A n*gga just get confused."

2. Anger - "I'm a G, without me they just a U.N.I.T"

3. Denial - Sell a million albums first week.

Really not much we can do for dude, but lend our support. If the poor sap ever shows up to your party uninvited, let him in. And let's try to keep the free downloads of The Rehabon ThisIs50 to a minimum.

4. Super Goof? After his latest album Brass Knuckles bombed on the charts, Nelly is calling in the reinforcements. According to MTV the St. Louis rapper revealed plans to join forces with Akon, T-Pain and Pharrell in a super group. The mega union could become a reality as soon as 2009.

"Me, Akon, T-Pain and Pharrell are talking about doing a project. We got a host of things we're trying to do -- possibly put together this new 2009 [Bell Biv DeVoe] type of thing."

Problem is he seemingly jumped the gun on this one. When MTV asked Pharrell about the group, he was far less revealing.

"Those are all my boys," Pharrell said with a surprised look (after a long pause). "I'm kinda like the only one that adheres to the oath of secrecy. I don't wanna break that."

Ha! The translation of that "surprised look (after a long pause)" is "this n*gga talk too much. I was only playing when I said that."

Poor Nelly. He's finally coming to realize his solo career is over. Now he has to rely on others, and they aren't fully on board with him. Sucks. Well, there is always Chippendales. They're a pretty popular group.

5. Boring Entertainment Television. The BET Hip-Hop Awards aired last night and I'd like to take this moment to thank God for DVR. If it weren't for the magic of a fast forward button I wouldn't have made it. Aside from the fact that the lack of energy in the building was putting me to sleep, the show had its moments. Watching the ladies rock was my favorite part of the night. Here's the Top 10 Things I Noticed At The BET Hip-Hop Awards.

1. BET likes Barack Obama. Now go out and vote.

2. Yo-Yo's hoodrat MILF sexy was off the chain.

3. DJ Khaled works hard.

4. The Notorious B.I.G movie looks like it's going to be great.

5. The overwhelming advertising for the third season of American Gangster pretty much negated all the little positive segments during the show.

6. Business at Body Tap and Magic City must have been real slow. Looks like all the dancers got the night off to attend the show.

7. Rap in a second language is not dope.

8. Young Jeezy is one patriotic rapper. He's like a modern day Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

9. Jadakiss did a decent job as the show's Ed McMahon.

10. Cory Gunz is the truth.

One last question, was Soulja Boy and Bow Wow the best they could do for a finale?

Hit me up at [email protected]. Let's talk about how the BET Hip-Hop Awards could have been much better. And I want you Jadakiss stans to tell me which Top 5 rapper is going to take a gig as Ed McMahon at an award show. That wasn't a good look for your boy.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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