Exclusive: Rhymefest Talks Kanye Puppet Show, "It's Kinda Like '30 Rock' Meets 'Saturday Night Live'"

Sunday, Oct 5, 2008 6:00AM

Written by Danica Dow



Kanye West's plans to executive produce a black version of the Muppets with fellow Chicago rapper Rhymefest were recently revealed. SOHH caught up with Fest to get the details on the upcoming Comedy Central show called "Allligator Boots."

"Alligator Boots is like something that when you hear it you want to laugh," Rhymefest said of the title.  He and Kanye tried to specifically avoid a title that would limit their show to an urban or hip-hop audience.

"It's kinda like black comedy but it's got so many other cultural puppets in it and it's going to be about the hypocrisy in our culture."

"It's kinda like '30 Rock' and 'Saturday Night Live' put together," Fest continued.  "The show is about these puppets that are trying to put on this sketch parody variety type of show and you see sketches and pieces and bits but you also see behind the scenes them just trying to get to work."

"Alligator Boots" already has a slew of comedians such as David Allen Grier, Rashida Jones, Aries Spears from "Mad TV" and Earthquake signed on to lend their voices.  It will be co-executive produced by Rhymefest, Kanye and Dan Kellison of Jackhole Productions ("Crank Yankers," "The Man Show").

But according to Rhymefest, Kanye's biggest contribution is in the puppet wardrobe department.  "Kanye is being the super stylist of everything like, 'No don't let them wear that.  They must wear this.  This is what's hot.'  He's styling the puppets and consulting on the fashion of the puppets like, 'That's super wack.  How he gon' wear them glasses?'"

Each week, the show will have a new guest host come on and interact with the puppets.  The first show will feature Ye and Kim Kardasian.  An exact date for the debut has not been determined but Fest says fans can expect it sometime next year.  "For now we're just going to say 2009."

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