Exclusive: V.I.C. Reacts To Low First Week Sales, "I Am Not A Failure"

Friday, Sep 5, 2008 3:00PM

Published by SOHH.com

Written By Danica Dow


This week, V.I.C.'s CD, Beast, debuted at number 73 on the charts, selling 7,100 copies. In this exclusive, the "Get Silly" rapper reveals the valuable career advice that he got from Houston vet Bun B and his feelings on his first week sales figures.

Though his debut on the Billboard Top 200 was less than stellar, the Atlanta rapper isn't letting the low sales get him down.

"How did I feel about it debuting [at] number 73? I don't really focus on where I debut and stuff," he told SOHH. "For one, my outlook on things is I am not failure. I've never been. I can't fail. So regardless of where I am today, I'm not gon' be there for long because everything is subject to change. I know at the end of my run, V.I.C. is gon' be a winner."

V.I.C. thinks that the aggressiveness and persistence that he developed while trying to secure a record deal have prepared him to continue to push this project.

That's why he titled his debut album, Beast.

"I feel like that's what I had to become to make it," he explained. "I had to be a beast. I had to be very aggressive about my career."

"Now that I am on, things are a lot easier, but you still have to work hard to become real successful," he added. "You can't stop."

Beast features Hurricane Chris, Avant and gospel singer Canton Jones but it was Bun B that made the most significant contribution. The UGK rapper blessed V.I.C. with a verse and some valuable advice.

"Not only was he showing me love, I feel like Bun B helped me out a lot," V.I.C. said. "He gave me a lot of good advice. He told me to feel free to be myself. He said a lot of people get themselves in trouble when they change who they are for the industry. He was like, ‘Man, just be who you are.' For him to take the time out to help another artist out especially as new as me, it shows you a lot about his character."

Despite his standing on the charts, V.I.C plans to release a few more singles from his debut. "My album is full of singles, honestly if I may brag on my own album," he said. "We just gon' make it do what it do and we gon' keep pushing it because it's a hot solid project." Beast is in stores now.

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