Exclusive: Mississippi Rapper Shot Dead, Partner In Rhyme Reacts

Wednesday, Sep 10, 2008 6:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne


[Editor's Note: This article has been updated as information became available.]

One half of the up-and-coming Greenville, Mississippi rap group Needle in a Haystack was lost recently after gun shots brutally ended the life of Marvin "Big Stucky" Stuckett. SOHH spoke with group member Woede Mack to find out what the unfortunate death means to him.

"He was pretty much the forefront of the group," the Home Town Entertainment artist told SOHH. "He was pretty much the swag to the group. It's a big loss out here, man."

According to the Delta Democrat Times, Stuckett was shot twice, once in the arm and back, while standing near his home around 3 a.m. Sunday morning (September 7). Discovered in his neighbor's backyard, an ambulance officials immediately rushed him to the Delta Regional Medical Center where he passed away hours later.

Believed to be an act of retaliation stemming from an altercation at the local Southern Whispers nightclub, two more shootings occurred throughout the day leaving victims Nick Harman, 29, and Kendrick Johnson, 27, with near-fatal wounds.

Authorities are reportedly speaking with Johnson in hopes of identifying a suspect.

Prior to the rapper's passing, Needle in a Haystack was on the verge of gaining increased exposure after releasing two albums, touring throughout the region and being asked to create a track for NFL player Asante Samuel called "Lock 'Em Down."

"We had pretty much kept it going in on the game with relationships out there in the A[tlanta area] with [Yung] Joc and out there with Grand Hustle," he explained. "We had pretty much just maneuvered our way in the game then we had just done the song for Asante Samuel when he used to play with the Patriots."

Emphasizing the effect his partner's death has had on the local residents, Woede promised to succeed for Stucky.

"Real talk man, it's just a total blow down here in the Delta, Mississippi but that ain't gonna stop this here Home Team Entertainment," he added.  "I'mma do it just for him. The world can get ready for it. I'mma give 'em a story that the world don't really know about down here."

Woede expects to drop both a special tribute mixtape and re-released album in the near future.

Update: Authorities have arrested four men in the connection to Stucky's death. According to the Associated Press Greenville resident Steve Ford was charged with one count of murder and once count of conspiracy, while Freddie Harris and Jonathan Robinson were charged with one count of conspiracy to commit murder and one count of accessory after the fact. Another unidentified man was also arrested as police believe he was also connected to the rapper's death.

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