Exclusive: Laurie Ann Gibson Talks Reunion With Diddy

Tuesday, Sep 2, 2008 2:30PM

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Written By Danica Dow


Though Diddy fired her on season one of Making The Band 4 Laurie Ann Gibson is putting the past behind her. Here, the choreographer discusses her return to the MTV show and defends her hardcore teaching techniques.

When things got heated between Gibson  and Diddy during a Making The Band 4 taping, words (and possibly a chair) were hurled and in the end, she was fired from the show.

Initially Gibson didn't think that she and Diddy would be able to reconcile but eventually she was asked to come aboard for the new season. "I think it was just Puff saying, ‘I love Laurie Ann. She's always worked with me beyond the show and I need her and I respect her," said Laurie Ann. "After 10 years of working together, that was our first real serious blowout. He assured me that he was going to make it all better and protect me and move forward."


This season, viewers will see Danity Kane, Day 26 and Donnie Klang preparing for and hitting the road on a big national tour. "Coming on tour is like stamp of approval as an artist," explains Laurie Ann. "You can edit a video, you can edit a song but you can't edit a live performance."

Laurie Ann was charged with choreographing for Day 26. Of course, she wasted no time whipping them into shape with her signature style. But she doesn't think she was too hard on the guys.

"I'm not like that all the time. But at the end of the day in order to be an Usher, in order to be a Beyonce, in order to be a Jay-Z, in order to be Laurie Ann Gibson or a Puff Daddy, that's what it takes. We have to train as hard as we do to stay on top."

In other news, Laurie Ann is currently headlining a multi-city dance tour/seminar called, "The Pulse," choreographing for Disney Channel stars The Jonas Brothers and is still planning on giving her singing career a go. She promises a new Rodney Jerkins produced single soon.

As for Diddy, Laurie Ann said she definitely sees herself continuing to work with the mogul. "We're like Batman and Robin. We've got to save Gotham, honey."

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