Exclusive: Juelz Santana Says Lil' Wayne Collabo Is In The Can, Admits he Wants to "Smash" VP Nominee Sarah Palin

Thursday, Sep 11, 2008 6:00AM

Published by SOHH.com

Written By Cyrus Langhorne


With his Skull Gang mixtape dropping later this week, SOHH sat down with Harlem rapper Juelz Santana to speak about everything from Lil' Wayne's outfit at the MTV VMA's to his sexual vote for Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Made up of artists throughout from different regions like Richmond, Virgina and Queens, New York (where Lloyd Banks' cousin John Depp resides) Juelz plans to introduce his group Skull Gang to the world on the upcoming mixtape, "The New Movement To Move Wit."

Juelz stressed how the outside influence was a necessity.

"I didn't want to just put together a Harlem movement ‘cause I felt like I represented Harlem, Jim [Jones] represented Harlem, so I just wanted to spread it out," he explained to SOHH.

Promising he's "involved with the mixtape 100 percent," Juelz also plans on promoting the 20-track disc with a snippet today (September 11).

"I'm linking it on to every website," he said. "It's gonna be free. I don't want no money. I just want people to get the music. People are really gonna feel that this is the new movement to move with. Like it's new energy. The feel is like ‘Damn, this is what we've been waitin' for' something new coming through that lane that ain't afraid to do whatever. A bunch of talented motherf*ckers."

With his friend and frequent rhyming partner Lil' Wayne catching heat over the weekend for his tight fitting clothing at the MTV VMAs, Juelz stressed Weezy's creativity.

"Weezy's real creative man," Juelz said. "Weezy do what Weezy do. He's been winning."

Juelz also assured fans the duo's long awaited project, I Can't Feel My Face, is coming soon.

"The album is done," he confirmed. "It's like the situation I had that stopped me from doing a lot of things before, was one of the same situations why the album ain't come out. But the album is done. It's not like we gotta go in and do a bunch of songs. We got about 35 records done so we just waiting for the politics and bullsh*t to get out the way and then we gonna put the album out."

Discussing the upcoming presidential election between Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama and Republican candidate John McCain, Juelz admitted that if asked to choose between bedding Palin or Michelle Obama, he would rather go with the Alaska governor, but for reasons one wouldn't think.

"I wanna smash her just to wreck the whole McCain thing," he told SOHH. "It'd look like she was cheating and that'd be all crazy for the White House."

An upcoming Skull Gang album is reportedly in talks until Juelz decides on the best label.

Skull Gang's "The New Movement To Move Wit" officially hits mixtape circuits Friday, September 19.

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