Pulse Report: Cam'ron Comes Home, Rick Ross Insists On Drug Dealing Past, Superhead On The Prowl For Some Young Love, Juelz Santana Shows Off His Jewels

Friday, Sep 5, 2008 12:00AM

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Written By Archie Fucque


In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about, Cam'ron making his return to Harlem, Juelz Santana setting the record straight on what really happened in the U.K., Rick Ross sticking to his life story, Bow Wow allegedly becoming Karrine "Superhead" Steffens latest boy toy and Tupac being anointed the "Most Overrated" person in music.

[Editor Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. Come Home With Me. The prodigal son has returned. Cam'ron has resurfaced on the streets of Harlem, lending proof to the belief that the Dipset head honcho is on the verge of ending his long hiatus from the game. NowwutTV.com scooped the exclusive footage of Cam & crew rolling through the Uptown blocks to do a little shopping, stunting and of course sh*t talking. [Watch Here]

Judging from the video, it's clear that the people of Harlem U.S.A still love Cam'ron and Cam still loves himself. The hometown legend, stopped to kick it with a herd of fans, bragged about his jewelry and rocked the mic at a local club. Freaky Zeke and Snoop (from The Wire) also make an appearance in the nearly two minute long clip.

Home sweet home. It looks like Cam'ron is about to go it alone. Who needs Jim Jones and Juelz Santana? Hey you Dipset Stans, is Cam going to be able to make it out there on his own? I don't think so. Dipset was (Emphasis on was. I held their funeral a long time ago) a movement built on a mob mentality. No one person or personality was ever bigger than the group or movement. You could love one and hate the others, but you never could bring yourself to hate the whole package. No Homo.

2. Foreign Dip-plomacy. In other Dipset news, Juelz Santana probably missed Cam's visit to Harlem because he was overseas tying to keep his jewelry out the news - which has been the case for a few rappers recently. Early reports out of the U.K. was that angry promoters, who were duped for cash by Juelz's former manager, had robbed the rapper of his jewelry as payment.

Juelz quickly dispelled the reports with a statement disputing the rumor. Figuring that wasn't enough Santana filmed a segment with Jordan Towers Films to offer visual proof of the truth.

Talk about laying out your case, Juelz unveiled his personal collection of jewelry as evidence that nothing was missing from his possession.

"Don't get it twisted," he said. "N*ggas be trying to boost like 'yo I can't get robbed.' I'm not here telling you n*ggas I can't get robbed. Any body could get robbed, so that's not the point right here. The point was did I get robbed? No I didn't get robbed. That's why a lot of you n*ggas get robbed, cause ya'll run around acting like you can't get robbed. I run around like I'm on defense and I know defense win ball games." [Watch Here]

He also made a long distance call to one of the U.K. goons, that he allegedly had an issue with, for a testimony of solidarity.

Wow. All that to prove you didn't get robbed. Rappers can be so insecure. And what's up with the ominous character on the phone. Did Ox from Belly move to the U.K.? I thought Chiquetta killed dude. Anyway, I tend to like Juelz for the most part, but this right here was some real ignorant rapper BS. There was even a moment when he offered to show the British dude's number on camera. What part of the game is that? That's a straight dry snitching move right there. Like if anything happens to me after this, here's the number to the guy that did it.

3. HIS-story. Embattled rapper Rick Ross is once again trying to set the record straight on his checkered past. In an interview with Don Diva magazine, the portly one is sticking to his story that he was never a Florida state correctional officer, but instead was the multimillion dollar drug peddler he claims to be in his music.

In response to the relevance of the photos that show him in a officer's uniform Ross said:

"No relevance. Due to the fact that when you a n*gga that's coming from the streets and the music that you putting out is authentic and sincere and pure. When I'm making my music and I'm talking about blow, it's because I did it. When I say I'm rich off cocaine it's because I did it.  [Listen here]

SMH. In the words of the late Notorious B.I.G, pardon me ya'll, the great Notorious B.I.G: "Never get high on your own supply."

4. Is That Your Chick? The word on the relationship rumor mill is that Bow Wow has become the latest conquest of legendary video vixen/best selling author Karrine "Superhead" Steffens. That's right, young Bow Weezy might be barking up the wrong tree. Though nothing has been confirmed during an interview with Atlanta radio station 107.9  Steffans was very coy when Bow Wow's name was brought up, but open about the fact she's looking for a young'un.

"There's a whole new young generation of people," she said. "I was in a relationship for a while. I was really just chilling being a housewife, doing laundry taking care of folk and when that ended I kinda felt like I want to be with somebody young and hot and not broke.[Listen here]

Damn. Clearly she's on he prowl for some male P.Y.Ts. "Young, hot and not broke." Clearly she's looking for the opposite of Bobby Brown and Eddie Winslow. I really can't call this one on Bow Wow's behalf. Pretty confusing. How do you go from Ciara, Melody Thornton, Dolicia Bryant and Angela Simmons, (some would throw Omarion on this list) to Superhead. I really hope you win this Madden Challenge against The Game, you'll need the funds for hush money.

5. Blasphemy. In the month that most commemorate the death of rap icon Tupac Shakur, Blender magazine choose to take some of the luster off Pac's shine. Here's what the music mag had to say:

"He had insane rock-star charisma. He admirably conceived of a gangsta rapper as a principled rebel. His booming baritone gave bass-lines competition for the most-trunk-rattling part of a hip-hop song. Hell, even Juice hasn't aged nearly as badly as you'd expect. But while Tupac's musical highs were epic - the pro-feminist "Keep Ya Head Up," the terrifying "Hail Mary," the boisterous "California Love" - that still leaves 15,837 other songs. He was a good rapper, not a great one: The guy larded records with self-mythologizing, mediocre filler that wouldn't have made Biggie's "give to Lil' Cease" file. Maybe someone in his retinue could've stepped in during one of those legendary 96-hour recording binges and said, "Pac, instead of laying down this 14-minute rant about how Sun Tzu taught you how to take down the East Coast, how about some Yahtzee?" The man: awesome. The music: somewhat less than awesome.

Ouch. Tupac stans are currently plotting the demise of Blender as we speak. Their first plan of attack is to play "Only God Can Judge Me Now" outside of the Blender office for 13 straight days. But to be honest they make an argument that many will agree with. Applying that title to a current rapper, I'd have to say Jadakiss is the most overrated.

Let's leave it at that. Hit me up at [email protected] and let's talk Cam'ron (Can he make it on his own?) and overrated rappers.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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