Hot Press: R. Kelly Confesses "I Don't Like Anyone Illegal," Amy Winehouse's Love Stays on Lockdown, Rihanna Reveals Hair Raising Career Decision

Wednesday, Sep 17, 2008 10:59AM

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Hot off the press this week R. Kelly breaks his silence, Amy Winehouse's hubby chooses jail over bail, Rihanna reveals how she stays a cut above the rest and Chris Brown crushes Jordin Sparks' hopes.

On The Hot Seat

BET aired their exclusive interview with R. Kelly last night, giving the network's "Black Carpet" host, Toure, the opportunity to ask Kellz all those questions millions of Americans have wanted to know.

Yes, Toure asked Robert point blank if he liked teenage women. Apparently the term was too broad for R. who admitted to having "some 19-year-old friends, but I don't like anyone illegal."

When Toure asked Kells about accusations from his former manager and his brother Kelly said, "Do not listen to the people that were fired... listen to the facts," going on to cite numerous attempts at blackmail and threatened lawsuits by people "who are out to get me."

Kelly managed to avoid getting specific, spending the bulk of the interview expressing relief over his acquittal and explaining how being on trial felt like he was "in jail for seven years."  Asked what the trial cost him, Kelly responded "a lot."

All in all Kelly's one and only interview on the topic of the trial seemed most focused on getting people to move on and accept the not guilty verdict. R.'s own poignant words were, "You was charged with something and you was found innocent, you can't be found guilty for being found innocent."

Rebel Talking... Getting R.Kelly to admit to pedophilia is harder than getting Sarah Palin to admit she's inexperienced.

Gone Till December

Life just got a little bit rougher for Amy Winehouse.  After skipping her birthday party this weekend because she felt "too ugly" Wino received news that her convict hubby Blake Fielder-Civil will remain behind bars for another three months, rather than accept an early release that was planned for yesterday.

According to the UK publication The Sun officials offered Fielder-Civil the opportunity to leave his jailhouse digs behind in exchange for moving in with his mother in Nottinghamshire, donning an electronic tag and obeying a 7 p.m. curfew.

Apparently this agreement wasn't up to snuff (no pun intended) for Blake, who insisted on being released to his home in Camden, ultimately cancelling the offer.

"It was all set for him to be released, but because he refused to go to anywhere other than Camden, it was refused at the last minute," a source told The Sun. "He doesn't want to go somewhere where he can't be reunited with Amy and his friends. He'd rather stay inside."

Rebel Talking... Jail over freedom. Gotta love crackhead logic. Maybe he felt "too ugly" to go home.

A Cut Above

If it seems like Rihanna had zero personality before chopping her locks, it's probably for a reason.  The Def Jam starlet recently admitted to OK! magazine that her edgy new 'do helped her shed the shackles of label slavery.

"In the past I had no say in how I was presented," Rihanna revealed. "Those decisions were made for me, right down to the colour of my lipstick. I was in Paris and I fancied a change of hairstyle. I had my long locks cut off and came away with this cute bob. Someone from my record company saw me and said, 'It looks nice but it's just not you. We'll have to put extensions in.' I was completely crushed."

Apparently the crushed feelings gave way to rebellion, cuz the Bajan princess put her foot down once and for all.

"That's when I realized things had to change. I make my own decisions now."

Rebel Talking... See I always knew weave was the devil.  Sisters, emancipate yourselves from mental slavery!


American Idol winner Jordin Sparks just learned an unfortunate lesson about oversharing. The powerhouse teen singer opened up publicly about her crush on "No Air" duet partner Chris Brown, only to have young Breezy basically go ice cold on her in front of the whole world.

When asked about Jordin's crush at Fashion Rocks by OK!magazine, Chris responded,

"I heard that [she has a crush on me]," Chris said. "But when we did that video, I didn't feel that chemistry. I didn't feel that. When they yell action, you have to put on a certain performance, but as far as off-camera: there's no connection."

Rebel Talking... Keep your head up Jordin. As for Chris, I guess he prefers Jay's sloppy seconds over a good girl.

While you were away, Kat DeLuna was making Dallas Cowboys fans eardrums bleed, I started digging the new Letoya Luckett joint and bought my dad a copy of the new Wayne Brady for his birthday!

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