News: Breaking News: Busta Denied Entry Into the UK

Thursday, Sep 25, 2008 12:39PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne


Immigration officials have detained hip-hop superstar Busta Rhymes after denying him access into Great Britain this morning.

According to the Associated Press, the New York rapper was traveling to the country to perform at an Orange RockCorps charity concert before being stopped and held at London City Airport. Company co-founder Stephen Greene claims the refusal to allow Busta's entrance is due to his criminal record in the U.S.

"We're shocked at this sequence of events and this treatment of Busta," Green said in a statement via Orange RockCorps' website. "He has the necessary work-permit and has been in the country twice already this year, so we're a little puzzled that a question mark is now being placed over his ability to enter the country to perform to volunteers."

While organizers are still urging officials to re-consider and allow Busta's legal entrance into the country, the rapper's idea to bring in Atlanta rap giant Ludacris was immediately set up.

Luda is expected to arrive later on today for Friday's (September 26th) concert, which will also feature John Legend, The Automatic, Guillemots, Lethal Bizzle and Feeder. The show awards 5,000 volunteers for their charity work and will be held at the Royal Albert Hall.

"I'm shocked to hear the news that Busta Rhymes may not be allowed to play the event as advertised," British volunteer Marcus Alexander Neil said in a statement. "Although we're gutted that Busta may not perform, it's brilliant about Ludacris."

RockCorps has been known for their past hip-hop collaborations with artists including Kanye West, Nas, Nelly and T.I. while also gaining more than 35,000 volunteers to become involved in their community-based projects.

In related news, SOHH confirmed last week that Busta has changed label homes, moving from Aftermath/Interscope to Universal Motown. He recently spoke with Hot 97's DJ Envy about his new album on the storied label.

"The name of the album is called B.O.M.B. December 9th. Flipmode/Universal Motown," he said. "And B.O.M.B. is the acronym for 'Back On My Bullsh*t.'"

For now Busta is still detained at the London City Airport. 

Stay tuned to SOHH as the story develops.

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