Exclusive: Rappers Imagine What Tupac's Contribution Would've Been In Election '08

Saturday, Sep 13, 2008 6:00AM

Written by Danica Dow


With a black presidential candidate on the ballot, rappers have become very active in this year's election. In memory of the 12th anniversary of Tupac Shakur's death, SOHH asked David Banner, Lupe Fiasco, Juelz Santana and Consequence to consider what 'Pac's contribution to election season would've been.

Before his untimely death in 1996, Pac was using his rhymes to paint pictures of society's problems and to advocate political, economic and social equality.

Though some of hip-hop's biggest stars, like Jay-Z, Nas and T.I., have all voiced their political opinions, the rappers SOHH polled believe that Tupac could've made an even larger contribution.

"I think if Pac was here hip-hop would have more of a voice in what's going on in this election," said Mississippi rapper, David Banner.

Consequence agrees.  He thinks Tupac would've used his fame to urge the hip-hop generation to turn up at the polls come November.

"Tupac was definitely one of the more vocal artists when it came to matters that matter," said the G.O.O.D. Music rapper.  "I definitely think he would have urged the younger generation to let their voice be heard by voting."

"I think Tupac would be one of the people that could rally young people together," echoed Banner.  "He's one of the few artists that would've been able to take his fame and actually be able to focus that to somewhere positive."

From the Young Jeezy and Nas collabo, "Black President," to Ludacris' controversial cut, "Politics" many rappers have been recording songs endorsing Barack Obama.  Lupe Fiasco thinks that Tupac would be among them.

Lupe thinks that, Pac who notoriously rapped that the world wasn't "ready to see a black president," would have to publicly admit that we was wrong in a remix to his Grammy nominated song, "Changes."

"I think he would have to bite his words.  [He said,] 'Although it seems heaven sent/ we aint ready to see a black president'.  I think now he would be like,  'I think we are,'" said Lupe.  "I think he would remix that record and change the lyrics a little bit."

Dipset rapper Juelz Santana thinks that Pac's impact could've transcended rap.  "They would be scared of Tupac.  They'd try to kill Tupac right now.  Not even on no rap sh*t, Tupac would be a scary dude."

"Tupac might have run for president," said Santana.  "It's hard to say if Tupac were here what he would be like. He was that unpredictable when he was here. He was a genius."

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