News: UPDATE: Kanye West In Hawaii, Witness Says Paparazzi "Attacked" Rap Star

Friday, Sep 12, 2008 12:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne


After yesterday's arrest at Los Angeles airport, LAX, both Kanye West and his road manager, Don C, have been released on $20,000 bail and are currently in Hawaii.

According to the Associated Press, West left an LA police station prior to being booked where he was escorted by an assortment of umbrellas to help prevent gathering photographers snap shots of the rap star.

Leaving in an all-black Chevrolet Suburban truck with a license plate that read "DIVA," both men were immediately escorted by police to a private jet flight traveling to Hawaii. Although West resisted giving reporters an official statement, he did inform fans of his current situation via the renowned blog.

"We back in the lab," he wrote.  "I'm cool with the paparazzi. "This guy wasn't cool. I gotta work now... I'll rant later!"

As previously reported by SOHH, the multi-platinum selling rapper was arrested for vandalism at LAX yesterday morning when he reportedly attacked and broke a paparazzo's $10,000 camera.

In addition to Ye's arrest, C was also arrested on charges of vandalism and battery while both were taken immediately to a Los Angeles police station.

While reports from media outlets claim Ye overreacted, a witness from the incident saw things differently. LAX charity donator and provider Charles Davis said the superstar was "attacked" by the cameraman and West "just defended himself."

"I talk to him all the time," Davis told AP. "He's a very nice gentleman. Very nice. He gives good donations to help children. He's got a good, kind heart. I've gotten his autograph several times. I just don't see why he was arrested. The man just put the camera too close to his face. I don't blame him."

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